Get in touch for any enquiries you may have.

Course: BA Hons (Top Up) in Business Management

It has been a great experience studying at Brighton School of Business and Management. Studying distance from home gave me the freedom of studying whenever it was convenient for me, whilst working in a full time position. The study material as well as the student platform were very well organised and easily accessible. After finishing my HND I was motivated enough to deepen my studies with a BA Top Up degree. Thanks to the staff and especially to my tutor for always being happy to answer any concerns almost immediately providing me helpful feedback to my assessments. Thanks also for assisting and supporting me with my move onto my BA Top Up degree which I have now successful finished.

Corinna Traurig

Course: Project Management

I never felt alone or isolated as a distance student at Brighton School of Business and Management. Student Services were always helpful and quick to respond. Enrollment was uncomplicated and paying for the course was easy and affordable. My tutor was always available, it never took him more than a short while to answer my questions clearly and often with very good metaphors. The course definitely inspired me and exceeded my expectations.

Luis Anguita, Denmark

Course: Award in Team Leading

I’d never have thought that a Management Development course could have so much personal and professional impact on me. It has been fantastic starting point.

Jessica T, UK

Course: Diploma in Events Management Level 5

I appreciated very much my tutor’s assistance during the course of my study period. She was very patient and took time to assist me with my assignments. I am also grateful to the Student Services for the understanding rendered to me too.

Theonesta James

Course: Diploma in Supply Chain Management Level 5

The topics covered all relate to a job in Supply Chain Management –very practical. The tutor’s assistance is necessary and effective to ensure gaining maximum knowledge from each unit tackled. You can work at your own pace which is very advantageous for full time workers. The fact a draft is first submitted and feedback is given prior final version allows you to achieve best possible from each unit.

Cynthia Kennedy

Course: HND Hospitality Management

The overall course is well structured and all relevant material provided even without further research. The courses equips you with the knowledge required to effectively and efficiently manage hospitality issues and even life situation in this ever changing environment.

Andrew Moffat

Course: HND Travel and Tourism

The course allowed me to take classes regardless of where I live or what my schedules was. Subject covered are applicable to my job and are covered in a more practical way allowing me implementing some of the methodology for Management.

Bruno Forster

Course: HNC Business Management

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the guidance, encouragement and the positive feedback you have given me throughout the course. It was a pleasurable experience. I really can’t thank you enough.

Sarah Broom

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management Level 7

The course was flexible enabling me to continue with work and the tutors were always available to answer questions. It has greatly added value to my firm and gave me the confidence to go on to complete my Masters.

Emma Roberts, Canada

Course: HND Business and Management

You never get the feeling that you are alone, even though it is an online course. The tutors motivated and encouraged me through the course. They guide and give you really good feedback after every unit.

Emma Barnes, UK

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management Level

My tutor not only addresses my queries, but poses questions in his response that get me to look at things from a new perspective.

Samuel Martin, UK

Course: Diploma in Management and Leadership Level 5 & 7

As a Training Manager, I undertook Management and Leadership development with a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership which allowed my progression to Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. During this period my tutor offered sound advice and aided my development. He was always on hand to offer advice within the course and additionally on hand with other activities such as my career progression.

Stuart Rudd, UK

Course: Diploma in Quality Management Level 5

My tutor helped me immensely during my Quality Management Diploma course. He took the time to understand my learning needs and style, without the personalised approach I doubt I would have been anywhere near as successful in my studies. I am more than happy to recommend BSBM, along with my tutor’s expertise in the quality field, it made BSBM a good place to study with.

Keith Newhouse, UK

Course: Diploma in Management Level 6

When I registered for the course I was a little sceptical, as I had started other online courses and abandoned them because of the unfriendly nature of the course design. However, with the BSBM course, my scepticism quickly disappeared, as I found that the course was well designed, delivered on a very user friendly platform, with comprehensive study materials, and great assignment guidance. Everything was designed and tailored specifically for online distance learning. The real time response and feedback from the Supervisor/Tutor made working through the course something to look forward to. Having completed the course, I now feel confident to apply for positions that otherwise I would not have considered because of the lack of an Academic Qualification.

Richard Odong, Uganda

Course: Diploma in Project Management Level 5

During my Project Management course my Tutor was very supportive with answering any questions I asked – quickly and at a level I understood. All the drafts I sent in were read and commented on quickly, which allowed time for any rewrites that had to be done. My Tutor was a very easy person to talk to and is not slow in coming forward with advice. After I had completed my course my Tutor was on hand to advise me on what action to take next. I would just like to thank my Tutor, because without his help and advice my Diploma would have been a lot harder.

John Griffiths, UK

Course: Advanced Diploma in Project Management Level 6

I started taking the Advanced Diploma in Project Management with Brighton School of Business and Management in August 2011. Knowledge gained through the course can readily be applied to my actual work. I understand how difficult and overwhelming distance learning can be; I guess the key is discipline and effective time management, making sure that I am progressing and at the same time ensuring that I don’t get burnt out, considering family (including a 3 year old kid) and my work load. It helps that the course is flexible in terms of time frame, as I would have already failed to complete the course had there been a deadline of just 6 months. My Tutor is always prompt at giving feedback and support. He would point to the right direction when responding to assignments. Moodle is really good. I no longer have to bring flash drives or print outs. I was able to do course work when I was in the Philippines. As long as there is an internet connection, I can just log in and access materials and even check on the work I previously submitted. I would recommend this School to others who need professional training.

Mar Angelo Mendoza, Switzerland

Course: HND Business and Human Resources Level 5

I just wanted to thank you for your help, patience and guidance, when I completed my course.
Last week I received my provisional grade from The University of Northampton, and I got a 2:1, which I am very pleased about. The work load was so intense (in addition to working 44 hours a week, raising three young children and maintaining a healthy marriage, it was so hard), it was not like the more relaxed method I had become accustomed to, when studying with Brighton School of Business. At the beginning of the course, I had to complete two modules ‘Strategic Management’ and ‘Principles of Marketing Management’ in addition to completing my Business Project research and proposal. In the final months, I had to study another two modules ‘Accounting and Finance for Managers’ and ‘Critical Perspectives on Managing’ in addition to completing my Business Project. It worked out that every two weeks there was work to be submitted be it assignments, essays, response papers etc… Which had to be fully researched and referenced, it was hard work. I was so glad that I had managed to study quite quickly throughout my HND course, which had of got me slightly prepared for the pace required for this course. It was also very beneficial to have learnt the Harvard referencing method. I have just completed one secondment period within the HR department on the Solihull site, and I am due to begin another secondment period at our head office in Warwickshire at the end of this month. The intention is, for me to be transferred into HR with the 2015 graduate intake, which I am really excited about, I just hope everything goes to plan, especially with the current economic climate. Thanks once again for everything.

Sophia Samuels, Solihull, UK

Course: HND Business and Marketing Level 5

I have been studying the HND Business and Marketing at the Brighton School of Business and Management since August 2011. The course material is well presented and structures and this makes reading and understanding fairly easy. In addition, I get very clear and helpful advice from my Tutor via email and more recently via the Moodle learning access system. This system also has very good resources for study. The content of the course has already been extremely useful in practice in my daily work and by helping me to progress my career. My Tutor is very good. He is very understanding when required, but still pushes me to complete essays when I find other daily distractions at work. I have never been troubled with the logistics of the course and this leaves me free to concentrate purely on y studies. I would recommend this course and school to anyone studying using a distance learning programme.

Lyudmilla Temchenko, Kazakhstan

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7

I would recommend Brighton School of Business and Management as an institution of choice for anyone trying to get a Management qualification outside their country of origin especially those residing in less privileged countries. As a Manager in Africa I have always wondered what a learning institution in a European Country would have in their curriculum for students wishing to develop their Management skills. Secondly I was desperate for a qualification in Management from a Country other than my own. So I went about searching the internet for an institution that could provide me with a suitable distance learning programme. I found many of these but chose BSBM for several reason, the registration process was simple only requiring your employer to write a letter of recommendation or reference, which could result in delays. There was no need for textbooks to be shipped to me via a complicated courier system. Reference material could be easily accessible online and web links were sent whenever I needed any. The format of the course followed a logical sequence.
The modules were more practical to my work situation. The Tutor was in regular contact with me and sent newsletters. Throughout my studies I had numerous difficulties of a personal nature and some related to the tuition and I found the Tutor more supportive and compassionate. However at no stage did he compromise on the policies and standards set out by the school. Rules were adhered to with a few exceptions there and there. Feedback on assignments was prompt and where more work needed to be done, it had to be done before proceeding to the next module. The school adheres to the British accreditation systems and verification process facilitated by the various institutions set out by the government to ensure professionalism and ethics in learning. South Africa internet access however as an individual it is sometimes hard to have access to internet at a reasonable cost and this could be very frustration for a distance learner who relies on the internet. The links are only useful to someone who does not need to use an expensive internet cafe. The other factor is that of fee payments. Initially I used my bank to pay my fees but the whole thing proved to be a nightmare given the stringent laws in my country about fraud, money laundering and foreign transactions. Which is why I found the new system of online payment introduced by the School very useful and easy to use, the latest method of payment also lends credibility to the authenticity of the institution like BSBM. Given all these bogus institutions offering tuition to desperate students in underdeveloped Countries I was really suspicious at some point and almost checked with the British High Commission office as to the existence of the School. However, once I needed a simple process to find out about the individuals who run the School thanks to Google! On my 3 visits to the UK throughout my studies I also conducted my research on the School. I would highly recommend this school!

Aubrey Senne, South Africa

Course: Advanced Diploma in Project Management Level 6

After a careful study to the Brighton School of Management and Leaderships Profile, Course Outline, Awarding Body and the Course Accreditation, I have decided to take the course of Advance Diploma in Project Management Level-6 as it was very beneficial and directly related to my work field. The course met my expectations and I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards all the efforts made which had a great role in my progress. This was reflected with the constructive comments from the instructor as he was extremely cooperative and supportive during the program. Moreover, despite my work circumstances and the heavy load with plenty business trips and commitments, I managed to submit all the assignments on due dates with the support received from the Tutor and the School Management. Furthermore, the payment facilities were very comfortable and practical as well as the course price was affordable. I have had a great experience and I would like again to thank you for the efforts which were reflected in my achievement. I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues and look forward to having another course with you in the near future.

Hussain Fateel, Kingdom of Bahrain

Course: Diploma in Management and Leadership Level 5

In October 2010, I decided to pursue a course in Management in order to prepare myself for future challenges. As the course level I wanted to follow was not available locally in our small country, I started searching for an appropriate and credible international institution via the internet. The courses in Leadership & Management provided by the Brighton School of Business and Management fitted with what I wanted to do and the prices they offered was the most competitive compare to other institutions I had researched. By November, I had already enrolled and since I had never followed a distance learning course before I was a bit sceptical about the process. But once I started, all my doubts went out the window. The School had an excellent team at hand all the time and they helped and guided me effectively through all the processes of registration etc. When I started the course, I found that the learning materials provided by the School were very comprehensive and thorough giving me a good basis for further reading. I was also assigned an online Tutor, who I could be in touch with either online or by phone at all times. In view of the time difference, (4 hours) I opted more for the online contact and was never disappointed as I always got a response within a few hours with well needed advice and feedback.
The course itself was tough and required a high level of research and reading in order to make the grades. I also found the marking scheme to be very strict. I put in a lot of effort to make the grade but still sometimes found that I had to rework an assignment. As a full time employee and a mother of two, I felt the pressure a lot but I also felt that though I was physically far from the team, I was never alone. The Student Service was very supportive and my correspondences were attended to on the same day. During the course, my father had a stroke and I had to take some time out, again the whole team was very supportive. Luckily I did not defer but applied for an extension on the deadline and this was processed and approved speedily. I really feel that the Brighton School of Business & Management lives up to its mission of providing exceptional career and personal development qualifications through quality distance learning. Since achieving this qualification, I have already been assigned new responsibilities in my job. I have also recommended the School to a few friends and if ever I have to do a distance learning course again, Brighton School of Business and Management will be my first choice.

Cindy Wirtz, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7

I have been so grateful for your support and guidance through the course and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only have I learnt things but it has restored my confidence in staffing matters which were previously a concern.

Amanda Ainsworth, Worthing, UK

Course: HND Business and Management Level 5

Here I am, at the end of my HND journey! What a journey it has been. Longer than expected, full of highs and lows, I feel elated to have finally achieved this award. I remember right at the beginning of this daunting task I was filled with excitement and nervousness, would I be able to do it? Would I be good enough? All of those doubts soon went out of my mind when I achieved my first Distinction! The feeling was immense achievement and pride at completing a whole module on Marketing, a subject which I hadn’t had any experience of but now have come to love. The knowledge I had gained during this first module was vast so much to help me within the world of business and in my current position at work. I then felt ready for the rest of the tasks ahead!
Working through the various modules, each with its own challenges, my confidence started to grow and the knowledge I was gaining was so broad and relevant that I was always eager to learn more and more. The liaison between me and my Tutor, was always friendly, supportive and really made a difference to me on this journey. I didn’t often speak to my Tutor on the phone but he was always there with a friendly email with helpful tips, references and reminding me to stay calm! That support always put my head back on track if I was having a block, or if things got too much. Half way through this HND I went through a really tough, personal time where I really lost the motivation to continue with the course. It was my Tutor’s support and advice that brought back my motivation and spurred me through to continue to build on what I had already achieved. Another support group that I couldn’t have achieved this without are that off my friends, family and work colleagues. My work colleagues, also my friends, supported me in every way possible, from helping with ideas to get my brain started, using their knowledge to enhance my own to giving me a supportive hug if things got busy or celebrating my achievements of each module! Working on my HND has, without question, enhanced me in every respect. From the knowledge I have gained, which will now help me in my future quests in business, to giving me the confidence in myself that I am smart, and I do know things! The whole journey has been inspiring, learning all the different aspects of Business (such as finance) that I wouldn’t normally have a chance to explore. I would whole heartedly recommend to someone to do a HND the journey may have been bumpy but the highs of achievement you feel are amazing.

Victoria Bush, UK

Course: HND in Business and Management Level 5

From the admissions team to my personal Tutor, I have found the distance learning experience so far, very rewarding. My application was dealt with efficiently and with start dates available at the beginning of every month I was able to start on my chosen course at a time and date that suited my personal circumstances. My personal Tutor has been very helpful, always answering my questions in a timely manner and providing very detailed answers. One thing I especially like is that he not only addresses my queries, but poses questions or thoughts in his response that get me to look at things from a new perspective, or to point out things that I may have overlooked. I have received good, constructive feedback on all work that I have submitted so far.

Suzanne Loeffelholz, Minneapolis, USA

Course: Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7

The course is well structured in so far as the logical flow of the modules and the indicated timings for me to finish each module are stretching but achievable. I chose the course as it lends itself very well to tying each module and assignment to my “day job” and delivering benefits to the company I work for as well as delivering personal benefit to me. My Tutor is supportive and his feedback has made a real difference in motivating and encouraging me to tackle difficult assignments. My Tutor and I have a weekly half hour call to catch up on my progress with the module material and assignments and he has helped me to remain focused on my studies. My Tutor is always available via phone or email for any issues, questions or support I need outside of our weekly catch up call. He is very prompt at reviewing material I send him and his feedback is both constructive and balanced ensuring I am not just doing enough to get through the course but go as wide as possible with my research to gain better understand and views. The quality and quantity of material for each module is excellent and enables me to focus on each new subject effectively. I particularly like the monthly newsletter which is a great way of reaching out to all the students to inform them on what is going on/what is good to review etc. which help to make you feel included especially where my studies are 100% distance learning. The website is informative and has useful links to other courses and study material which I dip in and out of as I need it. Admin Team – The initial support of the admin team was great and helped me decide which course was right for me as well as taking any problems out of enrolling. I keep the admin team in the loop as I complete a module and so far have had no further reason to call upon them. Should I need them I know, from dealing with them previously, that they will help to sort me out.

Peter Challand, Surrey, UK

Course: HND Business and Management Level 5

It has truly been a great experience to go through the 16 different modules. You never get the feeling that you are alone, even though it is an e-learning course. The Tutor and the entire Brighton team has been really friendly, they motivated and encouraged you through the course. They guide and give you really good feedback after every delivered module. Furthermore, you have to hand a monthly journal about your progress in your personal and professional development. This gives you time to reflect upon the modules and it gives good balance between theory, everyday life, job and your key learning points. All in all it has been very good experience for me, my professional and personal learning curve have been exponential. I can honestly say that it has been the best course I have ever participated. I will at any time recommend HND to anyone who considers this way of education.

Morten Jensen, Denmark

Course: Diploma in Human Resources Level 5

This course has been an absolute pleasure to work on and will provide certification of my depth of knowledge. Thank you for providing information in relation to the process moving forward. I would like to thank you for guidance throughout the course and also the quick response to any queries I may have had, it has been a pleasure!

Mel Moore, UK

Course: HND Business and Management Level 5

I am jubilant hearing from you the excellent finish of my studies’ completion! My studies – with your supervision, kindness and supportiveness – It was a great personal pleasure and a fascinating educational journey!

Grigorios Kyriakopoulos, Greece

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7

Living and working abroad blocked me from studying in a structured way for over a decade since I last finished a Masters in London in 2001. The additional complication of having two small children, living in a small island state and a very busy spouse made following a formal taught course quasi impossible. The distance learning Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership at Brighton School of Business and Management gave me an answer to this practical problem as well as to a training need I have. Moreover, with time, now about halfway the course, I have been able to see that a real contact and follow up was made between me and my Tutor, with, on my request, personally tailored advice and analysis on my personal and career evolution. Although I wished sometimes more extensive material were available directly through the course materials (e.g. using hyperlinks to free pages or articles on the web), to add to the sometimes succinct elaboration of certain topics, I have always had useful answers and suggestions on my requests for more information. Some additional extra information can be found on the BSBM’s website, the monthly newsletter or on some teachers personal websites and indeed, it should be considered part of the student’s job to go and get more information. I learned a lot from this too. The combination of the modules, intra-module questions and module assignments with the continuous exercise of the personal development journal helps me focus on my development. Finally I hope that the upcoming dissertation will engage me in a more in depth exchange on the content of what I write so I can finalise this course feeling I really kept up the challenge through the end.

Geert Haghenaert, Christ Church, Barbados

Course: Diploma in Project Management Level 4

I completed the course March 2011 and found it to be very intriguing and interesting, as it encourages the pupil to research, study and analyse what he is reading about. It made me aware more of Project Management as a global concept and cleared many misconceptions I had on the topics I am studying while it enriched and gave me a more in-depth understanding of Project Management and its application. The support offered through the personal Tutor was also very helpful, encouraging and motivating. I am very contented with the materials and method offered by the Business School for their postgraduate Diploma in Project Management and I am now assured that my decision to take this course with them was the right one, and would certainly consider them as first choice in case I decide to take further professional studies in the future.

Fouad A Rjeili, Cyprus

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7

I began this course with the aim to broaden my overall understanding of Management and Business functions. I wanted a course that provided me with the ability to use my own everyday experiences as well as providing me with new information. With this in mind, the course offered by Brighton School of Business and Management suited my requirements exactly. I am tasked with new modules every 6 to 8 weeks, allowing me flexibility to manage the coursework with my day job. I have regular communication with my Tutor by e-mail and all the material I need for each module is provided in this way too. My Tutor is also available by phone and he offers very flexible times for calling which helps greatly when juggling work with study. I have found the course very beneficial; the material is interesting and thought provoking and any concerns or issues I have with the assignments can be easily discussed with my Tutor. The guidance I receive is useful and focused. In addition, I write a weekly and monthly journal which I submit on a monthly basis. As a result of this, I receive very objective mentoring which is an excellent function provided by my Tutor as it provides me with someone outside my job and industry to review and appraise my progress against his own business experiences. All in all, this course is being very well managed with support available when I need it balanced with the flexibility for me to set the pace.

Emma Banks, Newcastle, UK

Course: Diploma in Project Management Level 4

I’m the Engineering Manager of Port Sudan Refinery with a 20 years’ experience in the oil refining business, fortunately I was started my Diploma with Brighton School of Business and Management Limited last year and below you will find my comments on the course. Really the syllabus is covering a wide range of knowledge directly related to my needs as a Project Manager, more over it is established in a proper way making good balance between the academic and practical knowledge and techniques following the best practice of providing the modules of different subjects within a very professional broad frame work coupled with an assignment to be carried out by the student to demonstrate his good understanding of the subject in relation to the real environment within his organization. I’m really enjoying my course and the discussions and valuable comments of my supervisor.

Monika Gamage, Sudan

Course: Diploma in Management and Leadership

Thank you very much. I’m really pleased, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thanks again for your support and encouragement.

John Robinson, UK

Course: CQI Diploma in Quality

Just a short note to thank you personally for the help and advice you gave me up to the point of sitting the Unit 306 Quality Management audit exam. Managed a pass with merit and I am delighted with it. Once again many thanks!

Stuart Hamilton, UK

Course: Diploma in Management and Leadership

I feel relieved after finishing my diploma it has not been easy. Thank you for your advice all the time. My tutor has never failed to answer my phone calls especially the time when I just started my studies with being my first online study course but my Tutor was there all the time. I nearly gave up my course thinking it too much on the plate to take but my Tutor encouraged me all the time. Thank you for all the time you and my Tutor gave in to make sure that I finished and passed the course without my Tutor’s guidance I wouldn’t have made it. It has been a pleasure working with Brighton School of Business and Management.

Delilah Ntamba, Kenya

Course: Diploma in Project Management

I just want to say thank you for your support and guidance during my Diploma in Project Management. Since completion I have moved to London and am working on a temporary contract, I have no doubt that my Diploma had a deciding factor in my current employment.

Cahir McGuinness, Ireland

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Since the beginning of this year I began studying the Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership by online distance learning. My aim for taking up this course was to get a better understanding of the wider discipline of Strategic Management and Leadership while at the same time using a reflective approach that includes my own everyday professional experiences, knowledge, skills and challenges. As a Leader and Manager seeking to upgrade myself professionally, this course also offers me a clear progression route onto a higher level course such as an MBA. I look forward to continuing on to an MBA course when I eventually complete this present course. As part of the Brighton School of Business and Management student support services, I am able to communicate regularly with my Tutor mainly by e-mail or through the virtual learning platform that has been provided ‘Moodle’. I am also able to contact my Tutor by phone to discuss any concerns or clarifications I had or required with regards to assignments and course work. The course materials are concise and an easy read. It covers all the key aspects of the subject area outlined for each module. The course is well delivered with readily available support which creates the kind of flexibility essential for managers juggling studies and work.

Diana Yanney, Ghana

Course: Diploma in Management and Leadership

As a student from the island of Malta, I must admit that the course is very well-organised and tailored to fit the needs of students from other countries. The material is well-explained and convenient and this facilitated my studies. I must also commend the excellent student service and particularly my Tutor, for continuous support and guidance. My Tutor always mentored me in such a way as to develop my full potential, even at times when this required him to be firm or even tough. Finally, I would like to thank Brighton School of Business and Management for making my experience fruitful and successful.

Joseph Tabone, Malta

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

I have started my education at Brighton School of Business and Management with a Higher National Diploma UK Level 5. I then added an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Level 7 to my development. My needs for studying and being a student have been hard to satisfy. I have lived in many countries during the last 5 years. This makes it very difficult to study in a normal environment. Furthermore, when you travel a lot, it is also very hard to have classroom training (you can’t). You lack the sparring and day to day conversations with your classmates. However, BSBM have been wonderful in giving me support and help. They have enabled me to be successful and complete both degrees. BSBM have very competent staff, but more importantly they make you feel safe and secure all the way through the education. Ever since I’ve started it has been a great educational journey for me. BSBM have opened my eyes for a new world of constant personal development – BSBM – Thank you very much.

Jensen Morton, Denmark

Course: Diploma in Marketing Management

Thank you for your support and encouragement in the course of my training. I am now preparing to register for the Extended Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management as a step towards an MBA in the next two years. My recommendation of BSBM to other colleagues and friends can now be substantiated with my certificate. I am happy for having completed this course and for the contribution I can now bring in our organisation. Thanks a lot.

Marcelle Tanga, Cameroon

Course: Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership

I am really delighted to have passed my Level 7 Extended Diploma with distinction. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your encouragement and guidance over the last year or so, which has made it much easier for me as a student to meet the requirements of this course. My Tutor feedback has been invaluable at all times, and working with you has been a pleasure for me also. I informed the Director of Operations that I had successfully passed with distinction, and he is very pleased with this result. He also said that this result confirms the belief the company has always had
in my abilities, and he wants to have a discussion next week in relation to progressing me on to an MBA programme later this year. Thank you once again, and I look forward to using what I have learned with Brighton School of Business & Management, to take on new challenges in the future.

Scott Thomson, UK

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

During my study period and specifically starting from April 2011, my country has faced numbers of problems internally and externally , which have affected most of the Syrians especially in the services sectors such as ( internet connectivity, electricity supplying, transportation ), which reflected and have its bad effects in my various life activities particularly in my on line studies . To be honest this situation have loaded me with burdens, which with help of Student Services, and professional support and understanding of my tutor I managed to carry and overcome my difficult circumstances to be able to carry on in my study which means a lot to me. After explaining my bad situation which stopped me sending my work courses via Moodle system & prevented me from sticking to the deadlines, my tutor was very supportive by understanding my situation, yet at the same time my tutor was firm with me about maintaining the high standards on my course work: clarifying to me that my work should meet Brighton School of Business and Management assignment standards requirements with no excuses. The support I was given gave me a positive push not only to finish my assignments with Merit grades, but to keep on going with my studies challenging my hard situation to achieve my goals It was a great pleasure to study at Brighton school, the course units were very useful and I have made full use of while at work, the arrangement to have a personal tutor who is flexible in time is a wonderful idea which should be encouraged. I strongly recommend Brighton School of Business and Leadership to other students and organizations who would like to have business dealings with them.

Mirvat Jerro, Syria

Course: CQI Diploma in Quality Management

I would like to thank BSBM for the support I have been provided during my studies. My work as a Project Quality Engineer for our Europe, Middle East, Africa and Brazil (EMEAB) Region meant that, I had to do a lot of travelling to conduct supplier evaluations, product quality control and assurance, Quality Design Reviews, project quality control and assurance, among many others. However, I wanted to undertake the CQI Diploma in Quality Management course in order to make me better at my job and to also work towards achieving the Chartered Quality Professional (CQP) status. Given the various scenarios presented to me at work, I wanted to ensure that I was using best practice to
help get the best result of all that I was involved with. The CQI Diploma course was ideal for my objective. In order for this to happen, I needed support that provides quick feedback and advice. This was exactly what I got from BSBM when I was studying for the CQI Diploma in Quality Management course. I can definitely say that, without the support I received from BSBM, I wouldn’t have been able to complete 7 Diploma units within a year. The course notes were good and easy to understand which was exactly what I needed. In order to continue with my personal development, I decided to enrol on a BSc (Hons) Engineering Management final year entry Work Based Learning programme. On request, my tutor was very happy to provide me with an academic reference and I have now successfully enrolled onto this course. Let me add here that, I know two people who are also taking the CQI Diploma in Quality Management course, but with other education providers and they both do not think that they are getting the kind of support they wanted. I can say that, BSBM was able to provide me with the support I wanted which has made me achieve the targets I have set for myself. I will recommend BSBM, to anyone at any time.

Francis Agbemenu, Ghana

Course: Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

I am currently studying for an MA with another university and wanted to take on another course which I could easily fit around my busy schedule. A postgraduate level management qualification is good to have on your CV, no matter what particular field you are working in. I found the Brighton course so good because I could go at my own pace, and was not held back by having to wait on the timetable. The course structure, materials and especially the tutor support were all excellent. The tutors and administration staff were professional, efficient and yet very friendly and always responded right away and went out of their way to accommodate me. They even gave me an academic reference that I needed to get accepted onto another course. I have done several distance learning courses to date, including my MA, and found the Brighton course one of the best. I also like its modular design that you can go on to do the Diploma, Higher Diploma and even an MBA. It certainly is value for money and I would recommend it to anyone interested in management or just to improve their CV.

Markus Heinrich, Ireland

Course: HND Business and Management

I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for the Brighton School of Business and Management. As a former graduate, I experienced the HND Business and Management distant learning program as an excellent choice to follow my career path in order to fulfil my vision. During the program I learned how to manage personal development with excellence and could apply all the theoretical frameworks in my practical work as administrator and contributed to the quality and efficiency of several business processes. Furthermore the program provided the perfect basis for the year 3 BA (Hons) Business Management degree. English is my second language and the HND program allowed me to improve my language skills ongoing and today I apply the language in the professional environment with confidence. The Brighton School of Business and Management provide excellence support and development for motivated and enthusiastic students. The challenging approach and wide frame of theories and excellent materials and the flexible approach reflect the knowledge gained in my academic and professional success. I highly recommend the Brighton School of Business Management to everybody who likes to follow a career with flexibility and excellence.

Christa Sathish, Scotland

Course: Advanced Diploma in Project Management

The course has been most beneficial to me and I have already implemented a number of the practices covered in the material within my current project. I certainly feel better equipped for any projects that I may come my way in the future. Thank you for your time in supporting my efforts.

Graham Turner, Uganda

Course: Diploma in Project Management

Thank you very much for all the support you have given me over the last 12 months. I am returning to Brazil in October this year and I am sure the course would be of great value to my new beginning! It was a pleasure working with you.

Giseli Haughan, Brazil

Course: HNC Business

I want to send my appreciation for all your help, this course has contributed massively to my personal and profession development. You were the support that made this happen and I thank you immensely. I have noticed such a change in myself during this journey, I feel now I can pursue a fulfilling career within the business sector. I am hoping to further myself both at university and on the Prince 2 course, as this course has given me so much ambition to achieve more. I know I can do it if I assert myself. I had so much to do and once I had my goal (University) I applied myself. I finished this course with plenty of time with regards to my timetable. I wish to express my gratitude once again. Thank you.

Keith Robinson, UK

Course: Diploma in Management and Leadership

It has been a great pleasure to learn from you and also the time, support, advice and help you gave me was second to none. Thanks for all your great support and guidance. I now have the confidence to grow in my role as a Leader and Manager, and will continue to develop myself through further study.

Darren Graham, Middle East

Course: Certificate in Management and Leadership

I have found everyone at Brighton very helpful, I will be coming back to you in the future and I would recommend your services to a friend.

Darren Graham, UK

Course: Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership

I would like to thank you for all your guidance and support throughout the Diploma and Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.
I have found the course invaluable and have learned key (practical) business skills that will help me in performing my daily and future functions as a senior manager. The course content has also exposed me to a vast amount of literature through the research required to complete each module, I am sure I will be calling on allot of my new found knowledge now and in years to come. I also really enjoyed assignments, although challenging, they exposed me to a new way of study. Thank you for your prompt responses and passion in helping me achieve distinctions for all subjects. I can honestly say it was a pleasure working with Brighton School of Business and Management. Thank you once again.

Steven Kekana, South Africa

Course: Award in Management and Leadership

Thank you very much.

I have enjoyed the course very much and have benefited greatly in my job.

David Smeaton, Gibraltar

Course: Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

This email serves to express my appreciation for the professionalism shown by your staff throughout the entire duration of my study of L7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership.

My online course has been a big challenge but guess what! My brilliant tutor has been very supportive and responsive, sometimes immediately or within a few minutes whenever I contacted him for anything regarding my course. I have managed to successfully complete my course with merits in all my units and the course has definitely put me on better knowledge level. At work the course will elevate me not only because of qualification achieved but because of implementing the great knowledge I gained.

I would also like to thank those of you in administration for always keeping me informed for any developments, be it admin/modules information or availability of our tutors during holidays. Studying online with your institute has proved to me to be very much achievable a task and I acknowledge that I received the ‘value for my money’.

I am motivated to continue studying with you (of course after a couple of weeks’ break) and I will not hesitate to recommended anyone to enrol with you should they want quality service.

Patience Javangwe, Zimbabwe

Course: Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Thank you very much for your support throughout my studies in pursuing of my career development.

My main aim is to complete these remaining modules and upon completing the modules, my next objective will be to look for an university where I can have direct entry for the MBA on the final phase.

I look forward to continue to studying with BSBM in the months to come.

Once again, thank you very much for your support.

Abdulai Koroma, UK

Course: HND Business and HR

This is just a quick e-mail to thank you once again for all that you did for me, and to let you know that I successfully passed the Masters in Human Resource Management and Development and obtained my Associate CIPD membership; and my graduation ceremony is scheduled at Leicester University on the 25th January 2013.

Thank you once again for everything.

Sophia Samuels, UK

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