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University might not be the best option

University might not be the best option

University might not be the best option

If you want an exceptional career in the future

As A-levels come to a conclusion during 2018, many young people will now be facing questions about what they might do next in terms of further learning. Some will want to go to University, and others will not. Some might not get the grades they need to access their chosen University courses and degrees. Some students simply cannot afford the cost of going to University.

The good news is that they need not be worried as University is not the only option open to them to extend their learning and education. There is learning available that has been specifically crafted with the workplace in mind, where courses have been developed in collaboration with prospective employers.

Embarking on a HNC or a HND with Brighton School of Business and Management will open doors for students in the workplace, and also start their journey to becoming a Chartered Manager with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) if they wish.

In this blog we discuss

  1. Why University is often not the best option for some young people
  2. Why HNDs and HNCs are a great choice for your career
  3. The further options open after completing an HND and HNC
  4. The types of distance learning qualifications from BSBM

University is often not the right option for many young people

According to a report earlier this year on the BBC News website – this year’s survey of student attitudes, carried out by the Higher Education Policy Institute, showed only 32% of students in England thought their courses were good value for money.

It went on to argue that universities will need to address questions about how many hours students are taught, the quality of teaching and whether there are facilities that were promised.  The survey of 14,000 UK students found tuition fees, teaching quality and a lack of contact hours were the biggest causes of dissatisfaction.

Also, measures of well-being, such as anxiety among students, have also worsened, with the recent tragic news from Bristol University.  In the survey referenced by the BBC, students reported their own sense of well-being has continued to decline since previous surveys. Only 17% of students described themselves as being happy and 14% reported a positive sense of “life satisfaction”.

With graduate debt running at £50,000 upwards, there has been growing concern about the cost of going to university and whether it represents value for money. Fees in the UK are among the highest in the world, and some doubt there will be a return on such a huge investment in terms of graduate earnings. According to the Guardian, of those graduating in summer 2017, 5% were unemployed six months after leaving – the same rate as the previous two years, according to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

So, why be left in debt and potentially out of work once you have graduated when there are more cost-effective options with higher employability prospects open to you?

An HND or HNC could be a perfect learning and career step for you instead

Compared with going to University, distance-learning education is a very good investment of your money. Not only are the tuition fees for an HND or HNC distance-learning programme substantially lower compared to a University Degree, but a student also saves on the expenses related to accommodation, transportation and classroom materials.

The Brighton School of Business and Management (BSBM) has built a reputation for delivering high quality distance-learning Leadership and Management courses and are a strategic partner of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Our experienced Student Services and Tutor teams have built a reputation for delivering high quality content, support, welfare and guidance of students, resulting in a high pass rate in both examined and assessed qualifications, as well as contributing to successful career progressions and career changes for our students.

“I never felt alone or isolated as a distance student at Brighton School of Business and Management. Student Services were always helpful and quick to respond. Enrolment was uncomplicated and paying for the course was easy and affordable. My tutor was always available, it never took him more than a short while to answer my questions clearly and often with very good metaphors. The course definitely inspired me and exceeded my expectations.”  Luis Anguita, Denmark

The tuition fees for an entire distance learning HND from the Brighton School of Business and Management are only £3250 (which covers all study materials, personal Tutor support and assessments).

Our range of Business and Management HND courses have been developed with employability in mind. They are generally more wide-ranging and relevant to today’s job market and give students a solid grounding in many aspects of running a modern business.

We understand the key aspects that employers think are important. Developing your knowledge and skill in these areas therefore gives you a solid background in business management. You will also gain a qualification that is recognised by businesses from around the world. It’s increasingly becoming the standard that many businesses are looking for when they think about hiring new staff.

The breadth of coverage that a business management HND or HNC provides means that students can also discover their niche, find areas in which they want to specialise, e.g. in event management or marketing, and also go onto more advanced education such as completing their degree or opting to take on a postgraduate course. They even have the core knowledge that can help them start their own businesses and become the entrepreneurs of the future.

While you’re working hard and maybe trying to bring up a family too, it can be difficult to find the time to study. An online HND or HNC business course covers a whole range of different subject areas but gives you the chance to study from home in a way that is more flexible. It means you can manage your time and still have the right balance that works for you. You don’t have to give up your job and you can certainly fit everything around your busy home life. With a strong vocational aspect it’s one of the best ways to develop your career and chances for the future.

The strength of an Edexcel HND is its broad coverage, how it can be applied to the real world and its relevance to businesses and organisations across the board. That not only means it benefits the student undertaking the course but also the employer who will be hoping to take them on in the future.

The career opportunities for HND students are large and varied, with high rates of students in employment within 6-months of completion of their studies (e.g. 75% for those taking Travel & Tourism, and Hospitality HNDs).

BSBM offer a range of distance learning business and management-related HNDs and HNCs in different subject areas

BSBM offers a range of distance learning Management and Business Edexcel Level 5 HND qualifications, and HNC qualifications in academic, professional and career development fields, all of which are UK accredited and internationally recognised. Here are just a few examples of what is on offer:

Business Management HND Level 5

The BSBM Business Management HND Level 5 has been designed in collaboration with the business community to reflect the ever-changing nature of the modern business environment. Not only will these courses increase your earning potential, but it also include modules and skills development built into it that will improve your employability.

“I am jubilant hearing from you the excellent finish of my studies’ completion! My studies – with your supervision, kindness and supportiveness – It was a great personal pleasure and a fascinating educational journey!” Grigorios Kyriakopoulos, Greece – HND Business and Management Level 5

Business Accounting and Finance Level 5

The BSBM Business Accounting and Finance HND Level 5 qualification is a foundation course, aimed at students who would like a good knowledge of all business accounting and finance aspects. It develops your knowledge and academic ability, and this HND is viewed by employers as a vocational course as it prepares you for careers in the workplace.  While there is an emphasis on finance areas, it is a wide ranging programme suitable for students who wish to develop the full range of business skills

Business and Human Resources Level 5

The BSBM Business and Human Resources HND Level 5 aims to provide a challenging broad business education that balances theory and practice with personal development and the development of transferable HR discipline skills. The course provides the basis for the progressive development of intellectual knowledge and understanding with vocational skills and competencies that enhance student employability in the HR profession. It promotes work experience and real world HR practical business engagement.

Studying a HND online is one of the most important decisions you can make. By taking an online HND course, you not only get an excellent qualification that employers recognise world-wide, but you will leave equipped with the practical skills that you will need in a wide range of business settings, placing you ahead of others in the job market.

Brighton School of Business and Management (BSBM), a sister company within the GBS Corporate Training Group, is an international online distance learning provider, offering a wide range of UK accredited and internationally recognised Management and Business qualifications, at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

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