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The traits of a good Project Manager

Running a project is a demanding, stressful and also highly rewarding job. Ensuring that all of the finer details are completed efficiently takes hard graft and some remarkable skills. This list of Top 5 traits of a Project Manager demonstrates exactly the characteristics are needed to shine in the field of Project Management.


Critical Thinker

As a Project Manager you need to be a quick thinker. Often decisions need to be made within a very short timeframe and you have to be able to weigh up the pros and cons of a given situation rapidly. Critical thinking is an essential personality trait of every Project Manager, you have to be able to assess, prioritise and triage important details on your feet.

A common downfall is to become overwhelmed by the high volume of smaller details that crop up.As a critical thinker, a great Project Manager can determine which details are vital, and will not lose sight of the greater picture.


As a Project Manager you have to be able to collaborate with your team, and be capable of asking for and taking advice. The team will undoubtedly have different members who have strengths in varying areas, if something is unfamiliar then a great Project Manager can reach out to those who have more experience and gain their valuable input.

Pride comes before a fall, and a Project Manager that is too ashamed to ask for help will not be effective. Your primary task as a Project Manager is to ensure that the project is completed efficiently and effectively, and neglecting to collaborate could cloud your judgement and lead to mistakes – ultimately endangering the entire project.

Strong Leader

A common misconception is that a Project Leader and a Project Manager perform the same role. While both ensure that tasks are being completed and that the project is progressing well, the Project Leader should motivate the team whereas the Project Manager should manage the team’s skills, tasks and time.

In order to effectively manage your team you need to be a naturally strong leader, where people gravitate to you and want to work hard for you. While the Project Leader can be idealistic and offer rousing speeches to the staff, it is your job to ensure that everything is done well and on time. Inherent natural leadership will mean that the team will be keen to seek your approval, and work harder to impress you.

Analytic Assessor

A great Project Managershould be able to instantly think of all the most possible consequences of any decision made on a project, and determine the most probably outcome. With an analytic approach, combined with experience, a great Project Manager is always learning how to better manage future projects.

As your role will often involve seeing the bigger picture you will have to be able to convey this to your team in order to allow them to invision the outcome. A great Project Manager remainscalm under pressure, analytic and is always thinking on move ahead.

Organised and Motivated

A great Project Manager has high-quality training, an evolved set of skills, and the constant hunger to improve themselves. Project Management demands a high volume of responsibility, so a competent Project Manager can thrive in stressful situations.

Ensuring that you are organised is essential, and by keeping a comprehensive system in place, you will be able to rapidly adapt to how the project develops. A great Project Manager enjoys the challenge of an evolving project, and is motivated by successful completion.

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