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Training Investment Offers Multiple Wins for Hospitality and Tourism SMEs

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Hospitality is the fourth largest employer in the UK, according to the British Hospitality Association (BHA), with 4.49 million people working in the sector.

Over the last five years 331,000 new jobs have been created and the BHA says another 100,000 will be delivered by the end of this decade. So, it’s a great time to be working in, or entering the hospitality and tourism sectors.

“Hospitality is a key sector for growth, employment and overseas earnings in the UK. It is our 6th largest contributor to export earnings and 4th largest employer – accounting for 4.49 million people or 10% of the workforce and over 180,000 businesses.” PWC Report

The UK hospitality and tourism industry is predicted to be buoyant into the future, as many overseas visitors see the UK as an affordable holiday destination.  Professional services firm PWC has forecast that London’s hotels will enjoy 80% occupancy during 2017. New hotels will create a further 7,000 bedrooms there in 2017.

PWC also reported that the regional picture is even more promising than London, with new hotels and high occupancy levels. Their research found that Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh hotels are emerging as frontrunners in 2017 with Glasgow, Cardiff and Liverpool also showing a healthy year of trading.

According to Prospect, the majority of UK hotels and restaurants are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and are independently owned. Most pubs and bars are small businesses, employing fewer than 10 people.

So, with a buoyant sector seeing increasing business, particularly from overseas customers, businesses are looking for ways to retain their competitive advantage.  Employees are key to their success, so businesses in the sector need to find ways to recruit new staff and better engage with and retain great existing staff.

As a current or potential employee, now is an excellent time to gain new skills and experience to establish yourself as a very valuable asset for UK businesses in the sector, and to help you fulfill the career path in UK or worldwide that you aspire to.

By investing in your employee development, SMEs can build a bright future

With a boom in tourism in UK, SMEs need to ensure that they invest in their employees, both to ensure they have the skills to delight customers and continue to build your brand reputation, and also to ensure they remain engaged with your business.

This means that SME managers need to think long term about employees’ roles and impact on your operations. Your business is reliant on having the right employees to innovate, improve and propel sales.  By training your staff, you can add value to your organisation and drive future profitability.

The organisations that succeed in the hospitality and tourism industry tend to have a low turnover of people. For customers, that means they see the same staff and friendly faces every time they visit your premises. They’re buying into your people and the experience as much as they are the food or other services.  eHotelier reports that attracting, developing and retaining talent is at the core of hospitality businesses’ competitive advantage, because it is the talented people you attract, develop and retain who will make your customers choose your brand, return to your hotel, and support your business.

Research also suggests that staff expect their employers to cater to their personal development needs; and neglecting them could lose SMEs good, ambitious employees.  For example, an article in HR Magazine reports that employees favour personal development over career progression. They are more likely to stay loyal to a company if given opportunities to develop.

A serious advantage SMEs have over larger companies is that they have the capacity to offer faster career progression to their eager employees. This will be a highly attractive prospect to any ambitious employee who would have to question whether they want to be a small fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a smaller pond.

Retaining great staff means lower recruitment costs, as well as potential loss of productivity that inevitably accompanies high turnover.  SMEs need to make it their business to ensure that, for staff retention, employees are engaged, content and motivated to perform well for both themselves and the company.  Access to personal development and training opportunities gives employees a sense of value; it helps them feel that they are growing with the company, and encourages them to picture their career with the company long-term.

HNDs are the perfect solution to up-skilling for SMEs

Whether you are someone who is thinking of getting a qualification in hospitality, or if you are an owner of an SME and want to ensure that your prized employees get the training and qualifications they deserve, then an HND in Hospitality Management or in Travel and Tourism, may be the right choice for you.

“A job in hospitality often evolves into a highly paid and exciting career with international opportunities”. Kathy Dyball, Head of Marketing,

HND Diplomas, as well as being recognised as degree foundation courses, are specialist work-related courses of study that cover the key knowledge, understanding and practical skills required in the hospitality or tourism sectors. After completing the course, the student will have gained an in-depth knowledge into the different areas of hospitality, licensed retail, food and beverage or leisure and tourism sectors.

Having successfully completed their HND, students can continue to finish an undergraduate degree in the field of hospitality or tourism, or perhaps, even the leisure industry or conference or event management.

The value to an SME in funding your staff to undertake an HND is that they will be better equipped to meet the challenges of your business in the future, and will be more motivated and productive in what they do.

Your employees are able to study as they continue to work for you, and therefore can put what they learn into action immediately, resulting in your company being able to enjoy benefits from your investment straight away, rather than waiting until the course completion.  They are also likely to remain with your company for a longer period since you have shown you value them by investing in their development.

The value to individuals hoping to secure their first role in the Hospitality or Tourism industry is that the career opportunities for HND students are large and varied, with high rates of students in employment within 6-months of completion of their studies (e.g. 75% for those taking Travel & Tourism, and Hospitality HNDs). Also, with an HND qualification, the world opens up to you, as you have much better employment prospects if you want to move around in your career progression.  Being better qualified also means better career opportunities in better hotels or related organisations.

Study for an HND in Travel &Tourism, or in Hospitality Management via distance learning, with Brighton School of Business and Management

The Brighton School of Business and Management (BSBM) now has students in over 110 countries.  BSBM has built a reputation for delivering high quality content, support and guidance, which results in high pass rates, as well as contributing to successful career progressions for students.

BSBM’s Hospitality HND Level 5 course is a nationally and internationally recognised course, providing career entry the hospitality industry.  Studying this course will improve your understanding and develop your skills and techniques required to be successful in the rapidly expanding hospitality sector

“The overall course is well structured and all relevant material provided even without further research. The courses equips you with the knowledge required to effectively and efficiently manage hospitality issues and even life situations in this ever changing environment”. Andrew Moffatt, Hospitality Management HND student

BSBM’s Travel and Tourism HND Level 5 course equips individuals with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed in the field of travel and tourism and provides opportunities to develop a range of skills, techniques and attributes essential for a range of careers in the travel and tourism sector.

“The course allowed me to take classes regardless of where I live or what my schedules was. Subject covered are applicable to my job and are covered in a more practical way allowing me implementing some of the methodology for Management”. Bruno Forster, Travel & Tourism HND Student

Once you have successfully completed your HND, you can continue to an undergraduate degree in the field of hospitality or, perhaps, even the leisure industry or conference or event management.

Why not find out more by visiting our website. Or you can contact us either through our contact form, by emailing or giving us a call on +44 (0) 1273 704 463.



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