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Top 10 Reasons Why Companies Do not Succeed At Trade Shows


They attended the wrong kind of event

Many companies are seduced by a high volume of attendees that a particular event draws. Ensure that your company is attending the right event kind of trade show where you will actually meet engaged and interested visitors. It is much more valuable to convert these leads into customers rather than pitching to a high volume of uninterested people.

They failed to engage with visitors

You may have done a lot of prep and as such feel your stand and your signage will draw people toward you. Do not rely on an attractive stand, passers-by may know who you are but ensure that your team welcomes them in and shows them exactly what you do.

They didn’t train staff correctly

There is nothing worse at an event than seeing uninterested stand attendees, if your staff look glum, distant and uninviting it sends a message to passers-by that your stand is boring. Ensure that your staff are not chatting or on their phones, they should always be on the lookout for potential leads.

They didn’t generate enough leads

Do not use an exhibition as a place to make a hard sell. It is about generating leads, you can always have your sales people contact leads later. Engage with people, spark their curiosity and retain their information for future use.

Their stand was uninspiring

At any trade show it is important to make a visual impact. If your stand looks like it has been thrown together last minute your potential clients will see this as an indicator of how you will handle their business.

They had substandard marketing literature

Making an impact with people at the show is vital, and you will want to give them something to take away that resonates with the good impression you have made. Your marketing literature is all people have to remember you by, be sure that it is typo free and makes a good impression.

They had no clear objective

With any business endeavour that your company makes you need to ensure that you have a clear goal in mind. Outline your goals from the outset, and ensure that the team is aware of them e.g. secure ten sales leads and/or carry out 100 market research interviews.

Not enough take-away literature

If your stand is incredibly successful then you may not have the ability to talk to every attendee. Ensure you have enough literature so that your potential customers are not walking away empty handed after you’ve made such a great first impression.

They failed to carry out pre-promotion

While event organisers promote an exhibition, as an exhibitor you need to make your target audience aware that you’re going to be in attendance. Place a notification on your website, and if the budget is there see if you can take out an ad in a relevant local paper or radio station.

They failed in the follow up process

Attending an event can be a stressful process, and after it is all over and done with you may just want to take a break from it. Following up on every single lead after an exhibition is hard work but it must be done. If you reach out and they’re busy, call them back. Be persistent!

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