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Tips on Human Resource Planning

Human Resources Online Distance Learning

Ensuring that you have the appropriate number of people in your team, and that those team members have the right blend of  experience and expertise, starts at the
planning stage

Here are some tips on how to plan human resource requirements effectively:

  •  Identify the optimum human resources required to achieve objectives – you will need people to help you achieve the objectives of your organisation, department, team or project; identify the number and type of people needed to provide you with the best support at the most reasonable cost.
  •  Base your plans on current, valid and reliable information – check your information is sound and up-to-date.
  •  Support your plans with appropriate calculations – your estimates of the human resource required will need to be supported by calculations of the time required to complete tasks and the associated personnel costs, including training and development, and provision for special needs.
  •  Identify the skills and personal qualities required of the team and individuals – look for a balance of strengths within the team.
  •  Be clear about organisational constraints – specify where financial considerations, organisational policy or legal constraints affect your plans.
  •  Consult with colleagues and team members – take into account the views of your colleagues, specialists and members of your team on how best to meet your future human resource requirements.
  •  Present your plans on time and with the appropriate level of detail – make sure your plans are accurate, contain sufficient detail for a decision to be made and are presented in time for you to take the necessary action.

By following these steps you will ensure that the needs of the team are identified and considered, and that potential team members will have the required characteristics.

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