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Surviving a Stressful Job

Surviving a Stressful Job

Stress is a killer – it is linked to the six leading causes of death including heart disease, cirrhosis and suicide. But if it doesn’t kill you, it can make you extremely Stress in Workplaceill. Stress related diseases caused the loss of 9.9 million working days in Britain last year. With every workplace suffering some level of stress, managing it is key to preventing diseases and ensuring a happy workforce. But what techniques are successful for coping with a stressful job?

Network Of Allies

You need to talk to people about the pressure you feel. Building a network of co-workers who you can freely discuss what you’re working on, future plans and more with, will give you a support network that you can rely on when you need guidance and encouragement.


Share your workload with those who can complete it to a similar or better standard than you. This has several effects; it will reduce the amount of work you have to do, allows you to focus on important work and it improves perceptions about you as a Manager. Delegation is key!

Enrich Your Life

For some the workplace is an all-encompassing facet of their life – there is no escape whatsoever. You need to spend time outside of work with family and friends. And you need to pursue hobbies that help you relax and that you genuinely enjoy.


Feet on desk with striped socksLong breaths and clearing your work area up will reduce your stress levels. Generally improving your perspective is a great way to beat stress. You can do this by sleeping better, having a positive outlook and by actively looking for opportunity. Meditation, yoga and mindfulness are also great stress relievers, with some basic poses and breathing exercises easy enough to do in the office or at your desk.


Not everything is important all of the time. There will always be things on your to-do list that can be delayed without having a negative effect on the business. You need to identify these and either move them to a separate list or lower their priority. Doing this physically will help your mind do it too.

Develop Yourself

Stress is a relative concept; we are all affected by it in entirely different ways. And something that is highly stressful for one individual may be a breeze for another. Developing your skills and attitude will make the stress you feel now much more manageable.


Many victims of a stressful workplace do nothing but internalise it and panic – making the situation even worse. Instead, give yourself a pep-talk and try to shift your perspective so you feel positive about your ability to succeed. This will help to re-focus your mind upon the tasks ahead of you.

Have you struggled with stress? Do you have any more coping methods you found useful? Share them with us on our social media pages.

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