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How to Stand out at a Trade Show

Making an impact is essential when you are attending a trade show or exhibition. Events Management is a diverse role, and you have to be able to adapt to varying factors thrown at you on a trade show floor.


There are many benefits associated with attending an exhibition, it is a cost effective way of showcasing your company and you can engage with potential customers using all five senses. In order to maximise your efforts these tips will help your stand to stand out at a trade show.


Get the right look and feelGet-the-right-look-feel

Choose signage, posters and products to display with an eye to boosting the specific image you want to create. Brainstorm with your team and ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Try it out beforehand

Try-it-out-beforehandSetting up your exhibition stand in your workplace before the trade show will save time and give you a feel for the space. You will also be able to pinpoint any potential issues that could occur during the set up process.


Tell people what you want

Tell-people-what-you-wantCreate a clear, concise brief for stand-builders, signage companies and equipment hire firms. You’ve put time into formulating the perfect look and feel, ensure that you achieve it by being direct and specific with your suppliers.


Get creative

Get-CreativeExperiment with lighting, sound and screens, electronic presentations, posters and signage. At a trade show you want to be unique, and experimenting with various media will help you to gain the attention of passers-by.


Stick to your budget

Stick-to-your-budgetLook to see what’s already on your premises that could furnish your exhibition stand. It is often easy to get carried away with the bigger picture, but assess what is essential and then determine if materials can be taken from the office, such as modular furniture. Whatever you do, do not overspend!


Beware giveaways

Beware-GiveawaysIt is a common pitfall, and often companies create branded pens and key chains in order to leave their visitors with a memento. Unless you’re in the pen or keychain industry, then these are a waste of money, promo gifts that don’t relate to the brand often end up left behind or scattered on the floor of the exhibition.


Chat with the event organiser

Chat-with-the-event-organiserMake sure the event organiser understands your business nature and requirements before you arrive. It is easy to assume that everything will be in order for you, and a lack of communication with the event organiser can cause confusion and distress on the day of the event.


Pick the right people

Pick-the-right-peoplePick your team members for the event and the audience. You’re familiar with the various strengths that different members of your team have, if someone is more outgoing then they could be sent to walk the exhibition floors and engage with people. It is essential that your team remains active and friendly while on the exhibition floor.

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