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Preparing Job Specifications - Human Resources Planning

Preparing Job Specifications

A critical element of the recruitment process is the preparation of an accurate and informative Job Specification. This is a vital tool for the recruiting team in assessing the relevance of experience, skills and qualifications of applicants, and, equally importantly, an essential piece of information that ensures applicants are clear about what the job requires.

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Here are some guidelines on how to achieve this:

  •  Be clear about the job role – clearly state the purpose of the job and how it relates to organisational objectives and the team
  •  Specify the job in sufficient detail – think carefully about the job title, reporting relationships, job purpose, key responsibilities and the terms and conditions of service
  •  Specify the type of person required – be clear about the experience, knowledge, skills, qualifications and personal qualities they will need
  •  Consult with colleagues and team members – take into account the views of your colleagues, specialists and members of your team on the definition of the job and the skills, knowledge and qualities required
  •  Check that the specification is clear, concise and complies with legal and organisational requirements – consult with specialists if you are in doubt
  •  Agree the specification with appropriate people – check and agree the specification with colleagues, specialists and members of your team before taking any action to recruit, transfer or change a person’s job
  •  Regularly review job specifications – keep specifications under review to ensure that they still describe the job and meet the organisation’s needs.
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