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Is It Easy To Cheat When You Study Online?

How easy will it be to check the authenticity of student work?

A genuine worry with many people is – if you earn your qualification online, how does anyone really know it’s your work? This is not a new issue, and it is not confined to the Internet. People have been pretending to be other people for a very long time – and ‘fraud’ is not new. And it used to be easier – watch the film Catch Me If You Can for more on this! That’s why schools and colleges have become very good at knowing when there’s something afoot.

Can you scam your way to a qualification if you study online?

So You Think Cheating Is Easy?

Accredited online educators whose students are working toward a formal qualification require proof of identity from different sources at the start of a course. And throughout the course, tutors who are working closely with students will notice if the quality or style of work changes dramatically overnight. Students who try and hoodwink their tutors in any way, either by plagiarism or by getting someone else to do the work for them, are summarily thrown off the course.

And if this does not happen, the institution itself is at fault, and will soon lose its accreditation. So they do check very carefully!

If you think about it, what’s the point of getting someone else to do your work? You will end up without the knowledge you have invested in, and your course will be useless. Just a scrap of paper …

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  • eileenludwig

    Cheating happens more in the classroom than online. It is hard to get someone to do your work. Students are given assignments to do at home in the classroom Very easy to have essays written by someone else. Online you get to know their voice and it is harder to pull off.

    • Haresahdib

      I do agree the cheating is happens more in the classrooms than the online but it’s also depend the skills of touter to identifying while any cheating is happen in both classroom & online.

      • online education

        I agree with you Harisadib. It really depends upon the educator. But most importantly the effectiveness of an educato will always matter, because if you are an effective one, your students will not cheat.

  • Calumlaw

    The main form of ‘online’ cheating is plagiarism and as others have said it’s usually easy for we teachers to spot; students should be reminded that most courses are externally assessed/verified at some point and that if they copy/paste knowledge without properly absorbing it, they’ll inevitably flunk the exam. Colleges also possess very sophisticated anti-plagiarism tools now.

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