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Validity of Online Qualifications

Are qualifications earned through online study as valid as those earned through traditional means?

People start studying again for a qualification after they have left school for 3 main reasons:

  1. To explore a new career;
  2. To enhance their current career;
  3. Out of personal interest.

It is difficult for most people to take time off work to study; family commitments and responsibilies added to the cost of going away to study can make it impossible to take a full-time course. This has always been the case, and that’s why distance learning has evolved. Although people have been learning remotely for centuries, the rise of the Internet has allowed distance learning to flourish and evolve into elearning or online study.

Nowadays, you can study for a qualification in any subject online – it is the quality of the awarding institutions that makes the difference between a qualification that meets expected criteria and a worthless scrap of paper. This is the same for on- and off-line education! In most cases, a qualification will be backed up by a body such as EdExcel, Cambridge, CQI or Harvard. It is easy to check the accreditation of the qualification if you are not sure – just go to your national or regional accreditation agency before investing your time and money.

If you study an accredited course, it makes no difference how you studied. Increasingly, the fact that you have gone to the trouble of finding the right course and studying while working full-time shows motivation above and beyond your peers.

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