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Money Does Not Grow on Trees.

Money Tree on his hand of women. a symbol of financial success.

I am sure you are all aware that money does not grow on trees, but it does not stop us wishing that it would.

It is important, more now than ever, that we spend our hard earned money wisely, as it can easily be spent a lot quicker than it is earned.

The 18 – 25’s are finding it more difficult than ever to get on the property ladder, with properties in the UK now averaging their highest in history. The average price of a house in the UK is now £274,000. This is up by 1879% since 1974 when the average price of a house was just £9927.

The average deposit for first time buyers is now at an average of £23,500, meaning that in today’s world, prioritising where our money is spent is now a major factor in people’s lives. In fact, a lot more people would rather put a deposit down on a house than spend that money on a wedding.

Education is another top priority for the younger generation, with increasingly more and more mature students also looking to head back to the classroom. It has been very well publicised over the last few years just how much a Degree at University can cost.

Since 2012, English Universities have been granted permission by the UK Government to charge tuition fees of up to £9000 per academic year. This is also the same for Welsh and Scottish Universities.

An  article even goes as far to say that these fees will have to rise significantly during the next governments’ term as the chancellor attempts to claw back a further £25 billion of spending cuts.

This is very worrying news for present and future students, especially those who have to pay the full £9000 fees, plus accommodation and everyday living expenses.

The average cost to rent student accommodation has gone up by 25% over the last three years to just under £123.96 a week, according to figures released from the National Union of Teachers.

Angry young woman, blowing steam coming out of ears

With all these costs adding up, and not looking like they will level out, it is no surprise that online distance learning is growing at such a pace.

The rise in Distance Learning popularity is not showing any signs of slowing, the future is looking very bright. In 2011 the UK e-learning market was estimated to be worth around £275 million, and the US market close to $4 billion. Expenditure on global education is predicted to grow by around 7.4% until 2017, with the expenditure on e-learning predicted to grow by 23%.

More and more companies, especially in the UK, have had to reduce training costs over the last few years, and with an ever increasing demand for skills to keep up with changing technologies and procedures, they are now looking for more cost effective training solutions.

One of the main benefits of taking a distance learning course are the substantial savings that can be made. For example, someone looking to take a HND course, which is a 24 month course at the Brighton School of Business and Management, it will cost £3250 plus Edexcel registration fee of £239.28. This is the full payment with no hidden fees.

The HND is an undergraduate level course worth a minimum of 240 transferable credits which is the equivalent to the first two years of a degree (with honours), the final year would need to be taken at a University. You can already see the savings that can be made, with the added bonus of while you are studying the HND, you would have no accommodation costs as the course is 100% online, with all learning materials available online via our Virtual learning site Moodle.

Other benefits are:

  • You can study when you want – No classroom attendance required.
  • All you need is a computer and internet connection.
  • Tutor support provided by UK tutor via email and telephone.
  • No academic years – courses start every Monday
  • Flexible payment plans – in full or by instalments – interest free.

No examinations for a majority of courses – assignment based.

business team in a row giving thumbs up

There are a variety of courses that can now be taken online via distance learning, with many Universities and higher education institutions now starting to see the popularity.

You could be looking to progress within your current career, or looking to start a new career, the possibilities are endless.

So, as money does not grow on trees, unfortunately, maybe now is the time to consider your options and your future. You do not need to take out a second mortgage to achieve an honours degree, spread the costs, put your deposit down on your first property and as they say, “today is the first day of the rest of your life”

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