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BrightonSBM March 2014 Newsletter

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Interview with Kath Dawson: Importance of management courses

Interview with Kath Dawson: the importance of management courses

New Approved Centre Award, New Courses

We are pleased to announce that we have won Approved Centre status from UK’s fastest growing National Accreditation Body:

ATHE – The Management Awarding Organisation
The ATHE is an Ofqual regulated UK-awarding organisation specialising in internationally-recognised management qualifications in the following fields:

 Health and Social Care Management
 Management and Leadership
 Travel and Tourism Management
 Business and Administrative Management

Initially, we are offering the full range of ATHE Healthcare Management qualifications:

ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Healthcare Management120 credits
 ATHE Level 7 Certificate In Healthcare Management30 credits
 ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare Management120 credits
 ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care 120 credits
 ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care60 credits
 ATHE Level 5 Certificate in Management for Health and Social Care 30 credits
 ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care120 credits
 ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Management for Health and Social Care60 credits
 ATHE Level 4 Certificate In Management for Health and Social Care 30 credits

Benefits of the ATHE Healthcare Management qualifications

These qualifications are designed for managers and specialists in health and social care organisations around the world, including hospitals and care homes in both the public and private sector.

Whilst the core competencies of these qualifications are drawn from best practice in the British healthcare system they are also suitable for career development in other parts of the world, and aspects of international healthcare practice and policy are included in the course work.

For details of these and other courses, please see our website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Distance Learning

At BSBM we have been teaching distance learning courses for some time, and now all our courses are delivered through the Internet. Our experience has shown us that there are both advantages and disadvantages studying online …

Advantages …


Our students tell us that the biggest advantage of online distance learning is flexibility.

You can study and continue to work full time;
There are no set classes;
You are study at your own pace;
You can access your course at any time, day or night.


It is also a cost-effective way to study accredited courses, much less expensive than courses studied at university. You save on expenses such as travelling costs that you may incur if you were studying at a college or university, or accommodation costs if studying full-time at a university or college.

Please see video link on the cost effective way to study a Management Qualification:
Management courses online.


Studying via online distance learning is very convenient: you are able to submit your assignments or contact your tutor through just a click of your mouse!

Disadvantages …

Time management

To effectively study an online course you need to be good at time management and very self-motivated. You don’t have a teacher reminding you of deadlines and asking for assignments, it’s all up to you.

Lack of social contact

Online can be a solitary way to study. The lack of personal interaction can affect the learning of some students, depending on their learning style. Some people prefer to study in a group while others prefer to study on their own: you need to know your preferred learning style before embarking on an online distance learning course. For more information on learning styles, have a look at our blog:

In Our Blog …

Which healthcare system would you rather work in:
Cuba or USA?

Healthcare systems around the world are very different … and none more so than the US and Cuba. We look at both systems … who’s got it right?

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Level 5 Leadership: Achieving “Greatness” as a Leader

Have you ever wondered what separates the leadership styles of Nelson Mandela from Idi Amin? In this post we look at what makes a truly great ‘Level 5′ leader, and whether it can be taught …

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Management Courses Online | An Easier Route To Your MBA

We interview Kath Dawson MBA and discuss the problems she faced when she was studying for her MBA 20 years ago – and how she would have studied today …

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University Progression Routes

Once you have finished your studies at BSBM, you may wish to take your studies further; your online ATHE qualifications provide a perfect springboard for academic progression. ATHE have a close relationship with a number of universities, but also, as the courses are on the QCF, universities will recognise these qualifications and credit transfer may be applicable depending on the course subject and university.

ATHE has established direct progression routes with the following universities:
– University of Sunderland
– University of Gloucestershire
– Coventry University – London Campus
– East Thames / Bradford University
– Amity University in London
– Northampton University
– Cardiff Metropolitan University
– University of Chester

Further Details

Details of these exciting new qualifications can be found via this link: ATHE Courses Overview

Not for technophobes?

Online distance learning requires the use of technology. If you are not at ease with using computers, you can find studying online difficult.

Our infographic goes through some of the Benefits of Distance Learning here:

Distance learning and its advantages

Distance learning and its advantages

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