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What Management and Leadership skills are needed in the Travel and Tourism Sector?


Don’t underestimate travel and tourism. This is more than just serving drinks or baggage handling. Tourism is a very important part of the economy for many nations, and a primary source of employment. The ability to manage subordinates and provide guidance are essential skills a travel and tourism professional must master.

The Venues Vary

Travel and Tourism is not just concerned with hotels and beaches. The industry also includes sightseeing tours, bar and restaurant administration, and destination management. Problem solving is definitely a critical skill that is needed more and more, as challenges suddenly arise involving guests or staff. Being able to plan is something any professional tour guide will need to have in long distance pleasure travels. Travel and tourism is a people oriented occupational field. Visitor management is more about making the experience delightful than ordering folks around. Events are a part of the fun for a tourist, and these have to be planned and managed expertly. The idea that activities can be spur of the moment is a false one, to say the very least. A person has to have a good attention to all details. Loose ends will create serious emergencies.

Leadership in a Different World

Many resorts are in developing countries where the business and social environments are radically different than North America or Europe. Leadership skills will include being able to direct the activities of a diverse staff whose work habits may be a bit different. The labor laws can differ from one country to the other and a travel and tourism professional has to be aware of them

The Human Touch

Those who work in the industry are in constant contact with people. It requires superior communication skills and an ability to develop a rapport quickly. Listening is recognized as a primary management and leadership skill. When it comes to travel & tourism, poor listening ability will effectively destroy a career. Empathy is the mark of a good manager in this line of business. It helps people who are from different cultural backgrounds to trust decisions which are being made. Managing any resort or hotel is going to require an ability to work with computers and spreadsheets, as well as being able to develop budgets and schedules. A professional in this career must be ready to wear any number of hats to succeed. At the same time the capability of working on a team effectively is essential.

The Winning Combination

There most definitely is a lot required of those in management and leadership positions. Travel and tourism is not a collection of bell boys and cocktail waitresses. Environmental tourism is adding a new twist and a need to learn about local ecology. The benefit is that travel and tourism is rarely, if ever, boring. This is a magnificent opportunity to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world. It furthermore offers the chance to work with diverse people. This can help any career in an increasingly global market. The current and projected growth of this industry assures the kind of career stability that other sectors can’t really guarantee anymore.

Organizational and people skills are areas that managers need to spend time developing. An ability to react constructively to any situation will also help promote career success. People who are tourists are getting away from the stress and strain of their ordinary lives. Whatever is practicable that will make their experience a memorable delight is a primary responsibility for management. There will be instances where some or all of a person’s managerial expertise will be called upon. The better the response to the situation the more the individual will be considered for greater responsibility, and larger paychecks

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