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Management and Leadership for Problem Behaviours

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Psychologists James Waldroop and Timothy Butler studied behaviour in the workplace and in the early 2000’s introduced the idea that there are a total of six truly problematic behaviours in people. These behaviour traits can do great damage to work teams and the workplace morale.

With the right Management and Leadership courses, these behaviour traits can be dealt with so that workplace teams can remain intact and the troubling individual can actually have his or her good traits brought out more. This will help them contribute to the group as a whole.

The Six Problem Behaviours

There are six problem people that everyone encounters in every workplace. While these people may have the best of intentions in doing their best, they fail because of the difficult behaviours that they display which can be offensive to others if not disruptive. Here are the six behaviours and tips to Managing each of them.

These are generalities. Managers should be made to take Management and Leadership courses so that they can learn how to interact with each type in a professional manner.

The Rebel

This person defies authority and convention. He or she disrupts the office environment by complaining about the rules that are being enforced on him or her or about the company’s dress code or other policies. Their complaints can be their undoing as they can transfer onto other employees.

The best way to handle the rebel is to train them using calmness as well as assertiveness. The Manager in charge has to be in control of emotion when dealing with a rebel.

The Hero

Heroes typically are something along the lines of workaholics. They push themselves so hard that they virtually burn out. The trouble is they often take subordinates with them. They need to be taught to be more realistic and pace themselves.


The Meritocrat

This person believes that good ideas prevail and will pay office politics no mind. To Manage him or her, it is necessary to keep the political office agenda out of the conversation but to adhere to it as needed.


These individuals are very morose and have a bleak outlook on things. However, they are very meticulous and can be well managed by being given tasks in research or development where they will shine.

The Home Run Hitter

This person tends to ignore the more pressing matters that must be done in favour of doing what he or she thinks will be a home run. Managers must work with them by encouraging them to slow down and not cause so much stress on themselves and others around them.

 The Bulldozer

This person is out for power. They can do serious damage in that quest to entire departments and teams. The Manager must learn to be blunt with the bulldozer and must point out the damaging behaviours the bulldozer may need to apologise for.

When Managers learn to handle these six difficult behaviours the entire office will benefit. Many courses and Leadership classes are available for Management to learn skills in depth.

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