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Management Courses Online | An Easier Route to Your MBA

The Huge Benefits of Studying Most of Your MBA Through the Internet

The Internet is fast becoming the way forward when studying for professional qualifications. Studying management courses online is an increasingly popular route, as it is flexible, allowing you to get work experience and live your life at the same time as studying. It is also extremely cost effective!

Kath Dawson, the Creative Director and co-owner of Bristol-based Strategy Internet Marketing spoke to us about her experience studying for an MBA in this video:

I studied an MBA about four years after I finished my undergraduate degree, I did the part-time course but I was working full-time. I could not afford to go part-time to work and study full-time – I had to maintain my job.

Studying full-time can be a huge commitment for anyone, so it’s a huge decision when, like Kath, you are looking after a family as well as holding down a full-time job.

At the time when Kath studied for her MBA, online courses were not available – the entire course had to be taken in situ at times set by the university. Since then, a large variety of courses are available in different subject areas which Kath says have been “fantastic, and the flexibility is amazing“.

Costs of Studying Part of Your MBA Online

Many are now starting to take some of their MBA online, rather than taking time off or cutting their work hours, and when you look at the comparative cost of studying an MBA fully at a university or completing the course partially online, there is a huge difference.

Kath talks about online professional training

Kath talks about online professional training

It cost around £12,000 at that time – today I think it is about £21,000 to £22,000 at the University where I got my degree

The potential savings in completing most of your MBA by taking an online course in Strategic Management and Leadership is staggering.

Really I was stunned because I did not realize that you could do these courses online and that you can get 130 of the 180 credits that you need to get a MBA. You can do 130 of them online for under £2,000, then you can top that at the University of your choice.

“Attending the universities that offer the top-up schemes for roundabout an extra £3000, I think that would make it £5000 compared to £21k to £22k. That is just ridiculous. It is such a good way to do it because you get the flexibility and you get to choose the university that you get your MBA from. So it is no different than what I’ve come out with at the end … it’s a no-brainer, really!

The Effect of Online Study on Your Career

It always impresses employers when they find a CV from a candidate who has taken this route, as it shows not only an extra commitment on their part, but suggests that the individual will be more confident and be serious about their career and personal development.

Kath went on to say “some people do a Masters right after graduating, but they don’t have any work experience – that is relevant work experience – in what they applying for. I had a bit more experience and I recognised the value more than I would have done if I had not had some work experience.

As an employer who has studied for an MBA in her own time, it is clear what steps Kath would advise to those who are looking to advance their career prospects! 

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