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Make sure University is the right choice for you

Is University the right choice

Don’t risk dropping out!

The path you take after you leave school, and through which you gain a qualification, is one of the most important decisions that you will make.

Unfortunately, it seems that more and more young people have made the wrong decision, in which they believed that they should go to University, and have dropped out before completing their degree.

Brighton School of Business and Management (BSBM) offers a range of alternative HND qualifications, which present more flexible study options, qualifications that have been developed in consultation with Business, and are a much cheaper option than going to University.

In fact, a qualification from BSBM, completed by distance learning, means that you can:

  • learn while working and build job-specific skills from the outset
  • achieve qualifications whilst still earning a salary
  • take advantage of opportunities for career progression
  • avoid Student debt

If you can do all of that, then you really do need to ask yourself the question – ‘Why would I choose to go to University?’

Why are dropout rates so high at some Universities?

Last month, Sky News reported withdrawal rates of up to two thirds for some courses at Universities in UK. NotgoingtoUni reports that almost one in four (equivalent to tens of thousands of young people) are currently unhappy at University.

“For each individual student who leaves their course early, this is a personal tragedy since they’ve invested a huge amount of time, emotional energy and ambition into their courses”.

Lord Adonis, former Labour Education Minister

There are a variety of reasons why students dropout of their courses.  One concern is that they are not getting value for money.  A recent Sky data poll stated that one in three students that responded said that University was “not worth it”.

Examples of dropout rates reported by Sky News, included the following:

  • At Wrexham University, 67% dropped out of a degree in Marketing and Consumer Psychology
  • 67% dropped out of a Human Resources Management course at Middlesex University and 28.5% left a BA in Business Management
  • At Sunderland University, 33% dropped out of a degree in Information Communication Technology

Another contributing factor to dropout rates are living costs at University, and the salary threshold at which loans are paid back, which has been frozen at £21,000-a-year since 2012. Some students just don’t like the idea of accumulating so much student debt.

“There are too many universities where students go there, they pay their £9,000 tuition fees and are coming out with a huge loan yet not getting the high-skilled, quality jobs that they should be”.

Robert Halfon, Tory MP, former Education Minister and now Chair of Commons Education Committee

The Metro newspaper reported that eight per cent of working class students drop out of their first year of University, according to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency. The majority blamed the cost of attending University – both the day-to-day costs and the prospect of £50,000 of debt when they graduate – for their decision to quit.

Prospects identified a number of other reasons why many first-year students have second thoughts about University, such as struggling to cope with the workload or not being challenged enough.

Even if you drop out of University, you still have to pay some or all of the fees!

Students who drop out are liable for fees for part of the year of study, depending on the point they leave. When they withdraw from their studies they would be liable to pay either a percentage of, or the entirety, of their tuition fees and would stop being eligible for maintenance payments. They would also no longer qualify for student accommodation, and have to start paying Council Tax.

They would also be expected to repay the debts they have accumulated in the same way a graduate would – from the April after they leave University, if earning at least £21,000.

So, if University is not for you, what are your alternatives?

An HND via distance learning could be the right choice if you want to gain a qualification that is also recognised internationally by potential employers.

Not only is it less expensive than going to University, a distance-learning HND allows you to study at your own pace, with many rewarding career opportunities open to you after qualifying.  HND courses are structured around gaining and developing the hands-on skills needed in particular business sectors, so you’ll be highly valued in the eyes of employers.

The Brighton School of Business and Management offers a range of distance learning Management and Business Edexcel Level 5 HND qualifications, in academic, professional and career development fields, all of which are UK accredited and internationally recognised.

Here are some of our most popular courses:

The BSBM Business Management HND Level 5 has been designed in collaboration with the business community to reflect the ever-changing nature of the modern business environment and providing training in all essential Business and Management areas, such as Finance, Accounting, Costing, Procurement, Marketing, Decision-making, Quality, Strategy etc.

“98% of HND Business and Management UK postgraduates were in employment and/or further study within six months of graduation”

DLHE Survey 2015/16

BSBM’s Travel and Tourism HND Level 5 course equips individuals with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed in the field of Travel and Tourism and provides opportunities to develop a range of skills, techniques and attributes essential for a range of careers in the Travel and Tourism sector.

BSBM’s Hospitality HND Level 5 course is a nationally and internationally recognised course, providing career entry into the Hospitality industry.  Studying this course will improve your understanding and develop the skills and techniques required to be successful in the rapidly expanding Hospitality sector.

“75% of Travel and Tourism and Hospitality graduates are in gainful employment within six months of completing their course and around a fifth of those employed work within the retail, catering and bar work industry”.

Recent research study by Prospects

You can even gain your full BA (Hons) through BSBM, in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, by extending your HND to a BA Hons (Top Up).

BSBM, a sister company within the GBS Corporate Training Group, offer a wide range of UK accredited and internationally recognised Management and Business qualifications, at both graduate and postgraduate levels. Now with students in over 110 countries, BSBM has built a reputation for delivering high quality content, support and guidance, which results in high pass rates, as well as contributing to successful career progressions for students.

BSBM are also able to offer UK students interest-free loans. Learners can spread the cost of the course with a 0% loan, which means that you can gain new skills and qualifications without having to pay for the course in full up front.

If you are unsure which distance learning course is right for you then get in touch:

By phone +44 (0)1273 704463
By email

Thursday, 12th October 2017
By, Brighton School of Business and Management
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