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The Key to Distance Learning - Five Top Tips

Distance Learning requires a heightened level of commitment and focus. Beginning an online distance learning course can be a somewhat daunting task, but with these top tips you’ll discover the key to distance learning.


Establish Goals

Before you begin, take a moment to consider and write down your study goals. Why did you choose this course? What do you hope to achieve? Once you have established exactly what it is that you’re aiming for, keep this piece of paper as a reminder and hang it in your study to serve as a reminder. If you face a challenging time during your course refer back to your goals and they will help to provide you with clarity and self-motivation – a vital element of distance learning.

Organise Everything

Organisation is vital as distance learning offers a less rigid study framework. From time management, to buying books and resources, and learning how to prioritise – being organised is one of the most valuable assets a distance learner can have. Many students opt for distance learning as they have other commitments like work and family life. Organise yourself and develop a regular study schedule to ensure you take time away to learn.

Understand Resources

When it comes to distance learning, you have a world of knowledge at your fingertips. Many people underestimate the resources available to them, while you have your course materials remember that you have direct access to a tutor. It is essential to assess everything before you begin your course, and take time to understand the resources available to you, determine what is the most valuable and ensure you can connect with your tutor.

Reflect Regularly

When you’re in the middle of a course you can often find yourself ensconced in the material, and can lose sight of the bigger picture. As a distance learner you will find yourself studying alone for long periods, be sure to take a break and reflect. Try to recall what you learned in your last session, consider what information was the most valuable and memorable to you, and then ask ‘how does this apply to me?’ You will gain a greater appreciation for the information you are taking in, and ultimately this will help you to remember your course material.

Create a ‘study zone’

In order to succeed with distance learning you will have to remain focused during study sessions. If you’re studying in an area surrounded by distractions, like the kitchen or living room, then you’re going to struggle to maintain your focus. Designate an area of your home that is solely for study. If this is impossible, examine places you can go in order to get peace and quiet, like your local library. Coupling your study zone with a regular study schedule helps you to create a routine which increases your productivity.

  • Mothusi M Morapedi

    So gratefuller for this tips, they will really help me a lot on my studies that i am planning to start.

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