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What is More Important - the Qualification Gained or the Knowledge Gained While Studying the Course?


>The above question appears almost like an esoteric exercise. You can easily imagine this being something debated about in a philosophy course, and really a question that is more satisfying to idle curiosity than having any real meaning. However, don’t be fooled. This is something that is actually critical in the modern business world and have a major impact on a person’s career.

The Short-Term Benefit

You can think of this also as credentialing. Qualification can be that piece of paper that declares you to be a professional in the field (e.g. CPA is a certified professional account; the individual holding this is thought of as being a notch above the ordinary rank-and-file). The licensure achieved signifies that the bearer has attained mastery over a set of knowledge that includes best practices. The qualification is a very objective selection tool in the employment process. The candidate who has achieved a given qualification is viewed as someone a bit more desirable than an individual with comparable experience. The qualification also can show a commitment to further education in order to keep the certificate valid. Career planners will agree in unison that seeking a qualification or credentialing certificate is definitely worthwhile. It can give a very good professional boost.

Taking a Shortcut.

There is also the assumption that individual will study earnestly, write all of the required term papers, and perform well on any standardized examination. This may sound a little bit cynical, but the Internet provides anyone with a fair number of shortcuts. There are online services that will gladly write papers and manuscripts for a fee. An individual can also use freelancer sites such as Guru or Elance to hire somebody to do all of the paper writing. A person can actually focus on his or her attention on passing the standardized examination; there are services to help prepare for the test and there are a number of practice tests that can be accessed online. A person doesn’t have to sit in a traditional classroom, but take the courses online.

This all means that a person who wants to get a certification in certain professions can do it very easily. It just takes the willingness to have someone else write papers and concentrate more on passing the test anything else. This may not seem fair, but it is possible. However, there can be a very serious price for all of this corner cutting. Karma can be a real you-know-what.

Paying the Consequences

Obtaining the qualification the roundabout way can be a very serious risk. A person may figure that on-the-job experience is going to be able to fill in the gaps. That is true if there is sufficient time. The modern global economy is not to be so kind. Someone who professes to have a certain set of knowledge may be asked to use it almost immediately. Management can expect this because of the conference placed in the qualification. An inability to demonstrate mastery is not going to be appreciated at all. It creates a situation where the person who took the shortcut is faced with an awful lot of tension. It becomes eminently clear that he or she was nowhere near as clever as imagined.

We can go on explain the dark days ahead for somebody who went for the qualification as opposed to gaining any substantial knowledge, but you probably get the picture. The answer to the question above is knowledge acquired is more important. The only reason why the question could be asked is due to all of the supposedly easy avenues that exist on the Internet. Anyone who is seeking a qualification must remember that performance is going to be expected, and that may be immediate. Taking the time to have a thorough understanding of the new intellectual skills is going to help in the long run. After all, the qualification like a CPA or an SPHR is intended to show acquisition of knowledge that will last an entire career. Taking the easy way can end up being far more expensive with rather damaging results.

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