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How To Get Ahead in the Cut Throat Administration Application Process

The British jobs market might be recovering, but that doesn’t mean that competition for positions is any less fierce. The latest statistics prove that the struggle is well and truly real, with an average of 57.3 applicants applying for every posted admin job. And that’s just the national average. In Leeds, this number skyrocketed to a record 71 applicants for every administrative vacancy. For candidates, these figures reflect the absolute importance of getting a one up over the competition. Here’s how:

Jazz up your LinkedIn Profile

Today, social media platforms play an integral role in the HR process. As well as being ‘stalked’ on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll likely receive contact requests or views via LinkedIn. As a career oriented platform, LinkedIn is a great way to show off your skills, contacts and experience.

Demonstrate your grasp on up to the minute technology

According to OfficeTeam, 48% of Senior Managers maintain that a firm grasp on new technologies has the biggest impact on administrative assistant jobs. This means it’s critical to shout out about your software skills.

Tailor your application

While it’s great to have an application template for your CV and cover letter, be sure to tweak it according to each role. This includes addressing recipients personally and tailoring skills and experience to match the requirements. You should also try to use the same phrasing and buzz words as the job description, as this will help you ace the initial screening process, especially if it’s automated.


In a competitive jobs market where there are over 50 applicants for every job, you need to set yourself apart when it comes to skills. If you’re vying for a management position, a role specific training course can work wonders for your CV. For example, our Level 3 qualifications in Management and Leadership are perfect for first line managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone else taking on a leadership role. It shows you have the ability to apply management skills to a variety of practical work scenarios, and effectively control a team. Even if you’re not apply for an administrative managerial position, a Level 3 qualification will still give you serious edge over the competition.

Ready to take on those 57.3 applicants? With a little ground work, a tailored application process and a sprinkle of upskilling, you can ensure you score that all important interview, as well as the job itself.

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