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How to Get Ahead as a Business Graduate

While the latest research indicates that the graduate jobs market has significantly improved since 2015, the UK isn’t quite back to its pre-recession state. That said, the outlook is looking positive overall, with 2016 finalists set to enjoy the kindest jobs market since 2007. So what should you expect this year? And how can you get ahead as a new graduate? Read on as we take a look at four ways that will help you go from alumna to full time employee as quickly as possible.

Be flexible

While 2016 will see more graduate jobs available than previous years, the market is still highly competitive. Most graduate jobs are quite diverse, which means that you should always be open to applying for roles that aren’t 10% sector specific.

As there are currently widespread graduate shortages across a range of key sectors including:

  • Building
  • Engineering
  • Building/construction
  • Teaching
  • Health
  • IT
  • Business services

These are all great places to start the search.

Get management certified

Rather than enter the workforce as a fresh new graduate with very little experience managing others, upskill and arm yourself with edge over the competition. Level 3 Coaching & Mentoring Courses are designed to refine communication and motivation skills, improve efficiency and boost performance. For graduates wanting to take on first line manager, supervisor, team leader and coaching/mentoring roles, this course is ideal. Even if you’re not applying for a leadership role, it’s have you prepped for a promotion.

Ace automation

The face of the graduate job market is changing, and today there’s an increasing focus on ‘faceless tests’ that screen applicants before face to face interviews. This means that preparing for numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and situational judgement tests are an essential part of scoring post-university roles. Never shun online practise tests, take advantage of available university resources and don’t let your hard skills deteriorate during the job hunt process.

Get social

As a generation of tech savvy students, graduate applicants should always leverage the power of social media during the job search. Use channels to follow and connect with key persons within companies that you’d like to work for, and always keep an eye out for advertised vacancies. Remember, if you’re active on several platforms be sure to link your presence and integrate entries. This way, no one misses out on your posts, updates and activity.

Ready to turn that degree into full time employment?

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