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Are formal qualifications necessary in the hospitality sector?


Hospitality is often viewed as a jack-of-all trades industry. People are expected to wear a lot of hands and respond to all kinds of matters. It doesn’t seem possible that formal qualifications are going to make any difference. That line of thinking assumes a very dormant industry. The exact opposite is true because the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly more dynamic.

The Importance of Tourism

Fears of terrorism aside, the hospitality industry is a multibillion dollar global operation. While it is true this was once a field where formal qualifications were not as important as enthusiasm, hospitality is becoming more sophisticated in a global market area. There is a recognized skill shortage that has to be eliminated especially in senior positions. People who are going on vacation or doing extensive travel are expecting more as far as the quality of the experience is concerned. Combined with competition is clear that a generalist knowledge alone may not be sufficient.

Specialized Education Generates Higher-Quality 

Any accreditation is going to require learning a certain body of knowledge in order to receive the certificate. In the hospitality industry that include formal coursework in visitor management and event planning. The tourism industry can operate in peaks and valleys during the year, and budget planning is something

that’s very important. The qualifications programs are going to insist that candidates were various parts of hotel management and how to provide leadership to staff as well as superior customer service. These all add to the enjoyment that a visitor or tourist will experience.

Qualifications Help with Selection. 

Trying to locate the right candidates for hotel manager is a priority issue and the same can be said for a number of the support staff positions. Experience alone can no longer be the criteria for choosing the right people to interview. If a recruiter looks at a resume and sees certification, that employment expert knows that the candidate has mastered a given body of knowledge. That combined with experience helps generate a candidate that is worthy of consideration. This makes the entire employment search process that much easier.

Professionals with Qualifications of the Standards.

It is true that personality plays a part in generating a five star quality to a hotel or tourist spot. Teamwork is a must and everyone should be able to work together. Looking at accreditation, the requirements that are needed to get that piece of paper revealsdesired skill sets. Hospitality professionals who are certified have been exposed to some of the new ideas in the industry; possibilities that can improve service. A hospitality person with accreditation can bring to any discussion suggestions that are innovative. That is very necessary for any establishment to become an even better. The old way of doing things can be a very serious mistake.

The Benefits Outweigh Any Hesitation.

Old-school hospitality folks may cringe at the idea of formal qualification. They may feel that having an acronym behind a person’s name would lead to arrogant behavior and a lack of needed empathy. That isn’t necessarily so. An individual may have less than desirable traits whether or not they have received accreditation.

It has to recognized that expert knowledge of various functions within hospitality is going to enhance reputation and improve service. The industry has to stay top of its game in order to not only attract visitors, but convince them they should return. People who have been exposed to the knowledge and experience needed to get accreditation at that little extra to any service or visitor program. The answer to the original question the title is a very definite “yes”! Visitors expect to have the very best possible service and few will settle for anything less. Accreditation can help any hospitality establishment add value plus to the service and experience. It is because critical staff people have enhanced set of tools to help upgrade quality.

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