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HNC Distance Learning Courses

HNC Distance Learning – Online Courses

The Value of Studying for an HNC via Distance Learning

Online CoursesThere’s no doubt that the HNC in Business is a very valuable qualification; it is highly respected and accepted by all employers in the public and private sectors and by higher education institutions, both in the UK and internationally. And achieving your HNC in Business through studying an accredited distance learning course is becoming the norm.

The course we recommend at the Brighton School of Business and Management is the Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business, as it provides a very strong foundation in management best practice; it covers all essential business and management areas, such as Marketing, Human Resources and Finance.

Study Time and Assessment

Completing your HNC in Business course generally takes between 9 and 12 months. The course is marked on continual assessment, and to pass students need to complete 8 units with assignments for each – there are no examinations.

The actual time it takes you to complete your HNC in Business will depend on your personal circumstances: how effectively and consistently you study, research, and complete your assignments.

The number of study hours you complete each week depends on you and your domestic and personal circumstances, but we recommend you commit to between 6 to 10 hours weekly, that’s two evenings or one evening and half a day at the weekend. Depending on your other commitments, that might mean studying late or very early.

Much of your study time will be spent reading, researching articles, reports, case studies online before writing your assignments. The assistance and support of your colleagues and managers will also help, particularly if you have access to subject specialists.

How you can Take your HNC in Business Further

All UK universities will accept you into the 1st year of a first Bachelor degree course once you have successfully completed your HNC in Business, if the degree is in a complementary subject such as Business or Management. You also have the option as a mature student to move on to a Postgraduate Diploma course, and then, with some additional work experience move on to a Masters Degree.

Your HNC Course Assessed Assignments

All assessment is through assignment work instead of exams. From your organisation’s point of view, your assignments can be valuable consultancy projects, as in almost all the assignments you can include at least some analysis or observation of activity in your own workplace – as well as other, different, organisations and business sectors. This makes your assignments important for you personally, while also being good for your employer as you enhance your understanding of business and management styles, and will be able to compare your own organisation’s approaches with others.

This highly practical aspect of the course is extremely valuable and makes it easy to see how the knowledge gained through your HNC in Business can be transferred to practical applications at work.

Personal Tutor Support Throughout The Course

 At the Brighton School of Business and Management we give you high levels of support. Your tutor will provide you with hints, tips, advice, guidance, website links, and will be happy to look at, comment on, assess – outlines and nearly finished versions of your Assignments.

For more information about the HNC in Business and Management go to Website:

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