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Why Hire Young Managers?

young managers

In business, young managers tend not to have the same respect, as older managers – seniority holds a lot of weight in most companies. People who have invested years in a position generally develop a vast knowledge, extending across the industry. Over the years, these people also tend to cultivate expertise about positions beyond the role they serve.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes a person holding a position for many years simply does so not because of stellar performance but rather by adequately completed job functions. Simply put, seniority is not an ideal reference for competence.

young managers

Many companies have found that younger professionals with less experience perform better than their older counterparts. Without walking into the dangerous area of age discrimination, we will look at some of the reasons to strongly consider hiring someone with less experience.

A fresh set of eyes

Sometimes we take on very complex tasks and get stuck along the way until someone comes along and demonstrates a great new approach. Suddenly, what seemed to be an insurmountable task suddenly becomes feasible and you’re back on track. A fresh look from new eyes can do wonders to challenge the status quo and help restructure a model that has lost relevance or efficiency.

Not jaded. Well, yet anyway!

It isn’t uncommon for someone with a lot of experience to make assumptions about the outcome of a certain situation. Though this is sometimes due to valuable insight, it can also stem from cavalier pride. Trying something that didn’t work in the past with a new approach may prove highly valuable.

young managers

Young Managers are Resourceful and Adaptive

In many aspects of life, it is common to long for the “good ol’ days” after too many changes prove overwhelming. A new person not only lacks these memories but also very likely has some new skills to bring to the table. A younger person is typically in touch with tools to study and master undeveloped strengths.

A desire to succeed

At a certain point, seasoned veterans of the workforce have achieved their career goals. A younger person is much more likely to possess a passion that the older crowd tends to lose somewhere between middle to end of a career because they still have a long list of skills and promotions they hope to accomplish. This desire to succeed can manifest in several fashions but most importantly, it is evident in the ambition to learn and then apply this knowledge to meet goals.

The cost

It should be no surprise that younger workers will accept less pay than highly experienced professionals. This allows a company to furnish a sort of proving ground where the individual gains reward over time after delivering successful results.

If you’re thinking of recruiting fresh new talent or bringing in motivated and enthusiastic new managers, a formal training period should always take place. An Online Management Course is an effective and efficient way to begin the knowledge acquisition process. Many businesses also find Mentorship a very effective bridge between the established and the new. Consider training a seasoned Manager with the younger hire, by offering them a Coaching and Mentorship Course to add a fresh new dynamic to their role and involve all parties in the creation of a new and revitalised Management team.

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