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Handy's Motivation Theory

Handy’s Motivation Theory

Motivating People to Work Hard

Also known as Handy’s Motivation Calculus)

You’ve just assigned an important project to one of your star team members.

However, she doesn’t seem that excited about the opportunity, and you’re not sure what the problem is: her skills and expertise seem perfect for the job, and she’ll get a great reward if she can complete the project on time.

So, why is she so reluctant to get started?

If you’re in a management role, you’ve likely experienced times when team members were less than enthusiastic about a project that you felt would be ideal for them. When this happens, you know that they’ll struggle to give their best.

  • Timothy Besigye

    Great scenario posted here. Firstly, humans are afraid of the unknown which makes sense when you take into consideration that most are afraid to start something new. However, this can not rule out personality issues at that particular point. I would have a conversation with the employee and get her to give me her view of a SWOT analysis.
    Getting her to match her strengths and weakness against the project deliverables is a good way of getting her to look deeper into it and start taking ownership. It’s a smart way of indirect motivation.

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