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Gaining Respect as a New Manager

It’s the first day on the job and you find that you have a mix of emotions. You feel excited for this new role and authority but also feel some anxiety. You may begin to question why you took this new role and wonder how well you’ll perform in the eyes of your peers.


This is a common scenario for most people when making a jump to a new level in their career. Everyone desires a bigger salary and it takes at least one of two things to achieve this goal; you can either develop a more valuable skill or take on more responsibility as a higher authority figure in your field. By choosing the latter, not only does your role change but there will also be a shift in how you interact with colleagues and co-workers.

One of the most pressing issues is finding the delicate balance of getting people to like you while also performing your job effectively. Let’s take a look at some of most useful ways to gain respect as you navigate your new role.

Be Accountable

Just as you will expect your colleagues to demonstrate accountability, so should you. You’re probably going to mistakes at first and that’s ok! Just make sure to own up to your faults and make strides to do better in the future.

Demonstrate a Positive Attitude

You are a Leader now and will have greater set of eyes watching your every move. Embrace this and project an approachable and positive attitude. Find a solution not a problem as the saying goes.

Develop, Don’t Chastise

Unless you have an affinity for cutting people down, think about how you deliver information when coaching an employee or department. When mistakes happen, use these as an opportunity to make improvements rather than punish team members.


Acknowledge talent

If someone has a certain knack for a certain task, make sure to celebrate his or her skill. Rewarding a person for a job well done, even if simply through kind words or gestures, speaks highly of your character and hopefully, growing talent as a Manager.

Practice what you preach

It’s absolutely imperative to hold yourself to the same standard you expect from others. No one likes a hypocrite.

Let Others Lead

Perhaps you’ve heard this before but truly, the best Leaders are those who create more Leaders. Sometimes it will be necessary to allow others a chance to make decisions or choose a direction. Receive others ideas and you will eventually see your team flourish.

If you’re struggling with any of the basics of becoming a Manager or feel you need to add Leadership skills to your skills base, a business course can help consolidate existing knowledge and develop new capability. Browse our Management and Leadership courses to find one that suits your position and ambitions.

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