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Are Event Management Degrees a Waste of Time?


The hospitality industry is a very significant factor in the economy of many communities. This isn’t just in developing countries but in United States and the United Kingdom as well. The industry is diversifying into many special areas and one of them is events management. A question can arise as to whether or not a degree in events management is really necessary.

To some, it is an academic capitulation to nonsense. They consider event management to be not much more than party planning, and can be an incredible waste of a student’s time. Money is also a factor. The academic fees and tuition for students are not going down and the worst possible case is securing a worthless degree. The argument would be that they have a better employment chance in some other discipline

Industry Needs 

The counterargument rests on feedback that has been supplied by the industry. Events require an understanding of multimedia, strategic planning, creative design and issues of health and safety. To also understand the reason why there is a need for such degree a person must appreciate the amount of money that goes into a given event. These are not just picnic tables and barbecues. Some events require coordination of pyrotechnics along with various other special effects. Convention planning can actually help the recovery of any number of communities. A well run convention can help solidify business deals and allow for the type of communications necessary to bring jobs into an area. This increases the importance of events management as part of the hospitality industry. The environment for events is changing, and formal education is preferred over someone learning on the job.

Event management has progressed considerably from the days of just pitching a tent. Being able to understand how to negotiate with vendors, coordinating with the requirements of venue, and just seeing to it that all the activity goes without a hitch are part of present day event management. An understanding of security in these modern times is also something that is part of the environment. Supplier contracts for refreshments can be in the thousands of dollars. The hospitality industry itself has razor thin profit margins. A professional is going to have to know how to budget effectively and have cost-conscious habits. It can be very expensive for this individual to learn while doing the job. Employers would rather have somebody has a basic understanding from which to develop.

Skills have to be Used Immediately 

Critics can have an old-school mentality about business and commerce. What they need to see is the practical side of event management. Any area that relies on tourism and business such as Las Vegas need people with a good understanding of event mechanics. Schools are recognizing this degree’s importance and the need expressed from the industry. The intent after a few years of study is to have somebody well prepared for the hustle and bustle. It should be remembered that it wasn’t too long ago that hotel management was not taught in classrooms. It now happens to be a very important major at many universities.

One final reason for event management rests with those attending. Any event is an experience that is supposed to be remembered favorably. Attendees want to have the best possible customer service and response from any request. In this modern society they will not settle for anything less. A well run event is something that people enjoy and favorably remember. It can even result in a convention being rebooked in the same city. That can send literally thousands of dollars into the local economy. Knowledgeable professional can make that an amazing success. With the possibility of improving local economy enhances reputation of the locale, event management has serious benefits. People trained in this discipline can be valuable parts of any local economy.

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