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Developing Your Management Team Roles

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A Management team is only productive if clear roles are established and maintained. If these roles are not put in place, the management team becomes a burden more than anything else. Using the PAEI model, great results can come with regards to putting together a team that is powerful and successful. Here are a few tips that are going to ensure the roles are built in accordance with what is required. Those who understand this will be able to dominate far more than those who don’t. Focus in on this model and build around it with patience.


Let’s begin with the Producer. This is the individual in the Management team who is going to be responsible for what is being put in front of consumers. This could be a product and/or service.

What is the final look being produced? How does it run? How does it look? How much does it sell for? These are all pieces of information the producer has to focus in on. If they don’t, the rest of the team is going to be a waste of space.

The producer has to have their role spot on in order to generate positive results.


The next role would be the Admin. This is the individual who is going to place an emphasis on tasks. All tasks that are being listed out are going to be handled by this person. They are going to be overlooking how things are laid out and how they are carried out as well.

If this aspect is not looked at, the entire set up is going to fall apart.

Management team roles are dependent on the tasks being handled in a manner where no one is being pressurised to do more than they can handle.

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When it comes to Management team roles, this is another important one. The entrepreneur is the one who creates the vision for new products. This is the person who creates and imagines beyond the ability of those around them. This is often the role taken by founders as they prefer to be on the creative side of things that brought success in the first place.


The final part of the role will come in the form of the integrator. This is the person who will bring everyone together. If this does not happen, no one is going to be able to push and/or relay their ideas properly. The integrator is like the house speaker and makes sure everyone is on the same page.

These roles are going to be developed and established with a clear objective being written down. What is the end goal? What is the team pushing for? These are goals that are going to help conduct the viability of each person’s role in the team. If you don’t do this, the results are going to be rather mediocre. Don’t let one person do multiple roles as that is going to lead to bias and cause both roles to falter. Make sure there is one person per role and their opinion is unique to those around them. This is what Management team roles are all about.

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