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Common Traits of a Leader and a Manager

In any functional environment, certain types of people stand above the rest. Brands of individuals known as Leaders are the people setting a positive example, defining the culture and garnering respect from others. Generally, this person is a Leader because of certain core characteristics not simply because of a title.

A Manager is a person that carries a certain title within an organisation. This person oversees operations and exhibits a level of accountability for the people working in his or her department. The expectations of the Manager are that of Leader, essentially someone who takes command of a situation and inspires others to accomplish goals.

Unfortunately, not all Managers are Leaders. Some people simply fill this role without effectively portraying what is arguably the most important attribute of Management.

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The perception of Leadership is earned, as this is not something that automatically comes with a title. Leadership is an actionable process that inherently creates a cyclic synergy, manifesting in both respect and inspiration among peers. It should be quite obvious when in the presence of a Great Leader (or Leaders) as the team will demonstrate a positive disposition and remarkable productivity.

Every business should make strides in providing the best possible Managers by either hiring talent or improving those already such a role. A Manager in any field should still reflect genuine leadership characteristics, if for no other reason than to make their business unit even more cohesive.

Developing Leaders Through Mentorship

Individuals, whether regular team members or Management, may brandish several Leadership qualities but still lack a couple of desirable attributes. These people, after a little development, often end up as models for a department or entire business and ultimately influence the performance of an entire team.


Moving an established Leader into a Mentorship role for other “near leaders” has been proven to vastly improve the production power and quality of a company. This Mentor should be someone that not only possesses Leadership skills but also has a great sense of perception.

Leveraging the insight of the Mentor will allow the person to assess others by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Once shortcomings are recognised, this is adapted into a tailored curriculum to train an individual in overcoming these deficiencies.

Some agencies are dedicated to providing these exact services. Sometimes, moving a Leader away from their role simply isn’t feasible as it would be detrimental to the team they serve. In this case, it would be ideal to examine Coaching and Mentoring courses designed to foster advancement of others into valuable Leaders.

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