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Coaching Through Change

Change is Constant

frog coachEspecially in business. And different personalities react very differently to change. Coaching can be a great way to negotiate your team through a period of change. But how can this be done?

There are several considerations to make when coaching in a period of transition. Try these strategies and helpful tips to make your Coaching even more successful when the organisation is changing.

  1. Use coaching to support those who are leading the change first. They need to hold focus throughout the transitional period, no matter how chaotic it may be
  2. Work with human resources to maximise the benefits of change. This ensures coaching support is delivered where it is most effective and most needed and gets everyone on the same page when processes, procedures and cultures may be shifting quickly
  3. Methodologies can maximise your coaching benefits. There are many coaching strategies to assess and select from, something like the GROW method is often extremely beneficial in a period of transition
  4. Understand your aims by figuring out what a successful change will look like. This gives you something to aim for and areas to address during coaching sessions
  5. Appreciate the environment and culture of your business. This will give you a better understanding of the business and where it is and where it is going

Change can be very difficult so keeping these considerations in mind will help you with your coaching when staff feel unsettled and the standard frameworks which define the business undergo significant revisions. Not all change is successful or for the better but a clear coaching strategy can help to remove some of the roadblocks.

Employee Resistance

Coaching provides the opportunity to explain why the organisation needs to undergo the changes taking place. It gives you a chance to ensure that everyone is on-board and willing to adapt to the alterations you want. You can do this in a very informal way and just chat to staff about the changes they need to make and explain them fully. This will limit employee resistance to any proposed changes.

Leadership Issues

Not only will you be able to coach staff through change – you can also coach the leaders of change. This will help to create a unified vision of the transition amongst all those responsible for implementing it. You can work on this in a more formal style by meeting all leaders together. Doing this will also help ensure that the vision for change is unified amongst all management responsible for it.


This is the most important thing when undergoing a period of change. A poor communication strategy will only limit the effectiveness of changes you wish to make. You can use informal and more formal communication methods to explain the need for this change and the implementation strategy.

Have you found this blog useful for coaching through change? Do you have any more tips for Managers coaching in a transition period? Share them with us on our social media pages.

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