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Building Tomorrows High Level Leaders: Choose how you learn


Rather than relying on corporate training programmes, many Senior Managers and Directors are turning to other forms of learning to help them develop their skills to progress in their careers.

The GBS Corporate Training Group has recognised that senior business employees want flexibility in how they learn and develop. Therefore, GBS Corporate Training and the Brighton School of Business and Management, the two key companies in the group, offer a range of learning options, which are proving very popular to Senior Management employees.

A rise in Senior Management gaining distance-learning qualifications

Distance learning programs provide management training that offers the convenience of being able to study at home in front of the computer.  A key feature of online distance learning is that the students are at the centre of the learning process and they have to take a more proactive role.

Recent research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has shown that Managers taking online courses are developing additional skills – such as discipline, focus, accountability and troubleshooting – precisely because this method of learning requires them to be more organised and manage their own educational experience.

“Many employers need to rethink how they go about helping their Managers learn new skills. Managers want personalised bite-sized content, to share knowledge and learn from connected peer networks, to ask questions and get feedback in real time. Why? Because it’s now part of how we work and live.” Ann Francke, CMI chief executive

The pace of learning is also flexible, which can be a tempting option if you are a busy Business Manager juggling responsibilities at work and home while struggling to find time for professional training. Distance learning courses from the Brighton School of Business and Management offer the practical advantages of allowing you to gain knowledge when you want it and where you want it.

The CMI (Chartered Management Institute) is the only chartered professional body dedicated to raising standards in Management and Leadership across all sectors of UK commerce and industry.

The CMI continues to be at the forefront of management training, accrediting Management and Leadership courses from Levels 3 to 8.

CMI qualifications are recognised in the UK and internationally as valid and credible professional Management and Leadership qualifications.

“Over 80% of managers we spoke to said that a CMI qualification is a key part of becoming a professional manager.” CMI

Many Directors and Senior Managers have undertaken a level 7 or 8 Leadership or Management qualification to gain the resulting professional recognition.  The CMI also reports that according to the Managers they spoke to, undertaking qualifications helped to improve employee morale and engagement, which is important, considering the following statistics:

  • 70% of employees in the UK do not trust their Managers (Engage for Success, 2013)
  • The UK has 6% lower average engagement levels than other large economies (Kennexa, 2011)

Management and leadership skills are the key to the success of an organisation. Senior leaders are critical to the success of the organisation through the culture they create and the expectation they set of others. They require exceptional communication skills and the ability to drive performance through their management team, empowering others whilst maintaining high levels of accountability.

Distance-learning Level 7 and 8 CMI accredited programmes for Directors & Senior Managers – from Brighton School of Business and Management

The Brighton School of Business and Management (BSBM) is one of the few providers of Levels 7 and 8 CMI leadership training in UK. BSBM has built a reputation for delivering high quality content, support and guidance, which results in high pass rates, as well as contributing to successful career progression for students.

Our courses that are particularly popular with senior managers are as follows:

CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Our Level 7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership course is designed for Managers who are managing at a strategic level in the workplace. This course will require current Managers to develop their strategic management and leadership skills and to implement these models into their organisation’s strategy.

You will build on the managerial skills and knowledge you already have. You will gain a greater understanding of the various roles and responsibilities involved in strategic management and through focusing on specific areas in management we’ll tailor your qualification to suit your professional needs.

This is a Master’s level course with good progression routes onto an MBA course. We offer a Top Up MBA, also online, through Northampton University, which you can access once you have completed your CMI level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

CMI Level 8 in Strategic Direction and Leadership

Our Level 8 Award in Strategic Direction and Leadership is a qualification that allows you to strengthen your existing management and leadership skills and enhance your knowledge of the various roles and responsibilities of a Strategic Manager.  You can study at the Award, Certificate or Diploma level. You must complete the Level 8 Certificate before you can top up onto the Diploma.  CMI is the only organisation that offers Level 8 (equivalent to a doctorate).

The qualification requires Directors and Senior Managers to build on their skills in strategic direction and leadership and to focus on the requirements of inter-organisational strategy.  Our level 8 CMI programme is designed to suit the lifestyle of a Senior Leader, meaning your professional development fits perfectly around your busy schedule.

Studying online is a cost-effective way to complete a Level 7 or 8 course that could eventually lead to an MBA, as our fees are substantially less than if you studied at a university.

By undertaking a Level 7 or 8 course with the BSBM, you can take your abilities as a Leader to the next level, applying new and innovative methodologies to professional situations. You will explore the latest thinking on a broad range of leadership and management issues.  Ultimately, gaining either of these valuable qualifications will improve your chances of promotion and a higher salary in your current or future workplace.

GBS Corporate Training: Flexible coaching and learning solutions

GBS Corporate Training offers flexible programmes created specifically for your organisation.  GBS will tailor course content to accommodate your unique business needs or to address skills shortages in your organisation. Through this approach, you can be sure your employees are gaining new knowledge and skills that will be relevant to your company.

Many Directors and Senior Managers find executive coaching to be a very effective route to their professional skills development. GBS has a pool of carefully selected accredited coaches, who provide 1-1 Executive coaching for business Managers and Leaders, or individuals where a need has been identified and in support of an individual’s professional development and career plans.

We can also provide team coaching which helps people understand how to work better with others, reduce conflict and improve their working relationships.

GBS is also an approved training provider for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI). We offer a variety of Leadership and Management courses, as well as Quality and Process Improvement courses all resulting in accredited professional qualifications.

We believe that we are unique in being able to listen to our clients carefully and then being able to develop bespoke training programmes for their employees – from front line staff to Senior Directors.




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