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BrightonSBM March 2016 Newsletter

BSBM Staff Continuing Professional Development


One of our Senior Tutors – Clive Findlay – has been invited to make two presentations at the annual conference of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association, in Taiwan, in May.

The two topics which Clive will be presenting on are:

The Marginal Gains Approach to Professional/Career Development

“Marginal Gains” is a relatively new approach successful used by the Management and Coaches of many sporting teams and individuals, based on the proven principle that making multiple small – marginal – changes to actions, behaviour, attitude, and surroundings, in the workplace and in personal life, can collectively result in a substantial change. Clive will be explaining how this approach can be applied by Coaches and Mentors, and by individuals themselves, to support professional development and career progression activities.

The Role of the Organisation in Supporting Employee Career Development

In most organisations – regardless of size, type, or sector – the focus of employee development strategies and activities is limited to maintaining or improving skill levels to meet current operational demands, or, occasionally, limited to the in-house career development of a very small number of individuals. Clive’s presentation will demonstrate that organisations which do offer whole-career guidance, coaching, and mentoring, to all employees – advice on, and support for, life-time development and progression.

Benefit significantly from a range of improvements:

  • Motivation levels
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Reduced recruitment
  • Selection costs
  • Greater contributions to quality improvements
  • Substantial increases in performance
  • Productivity levels

For information about related Coaching & Mentoring courses, please visit:

Coaching and Mentoring

Study Subject of the Month:

Management and Leadership for Team Leaders, Middle Managers, and Senior Managers

Today, in all sizes and types of organisation, the roles of Team Leader-Supervisor, Operational-Middle Manager, Senior Specialist, and Strategic-Executive Manager, are all seen as being equally critically important to the success of the organisation.

Because of that employers in all sectors are now demanding that the individuals in those roles are appropriately knowledgeable and formally qualified.


To support individuals needing such qualifications, we now can provide course which are UK Nationally Accredited by the CMI – the Chartered Management Institute – and internationally recognised by employers and educational institutes world-wide.

These courses cover the full range of Management levels, are supported by our experienced tutors and the substantial study resources of the CMI – and also automatically give membership of the CMI – the world’s leading professional Management and Leadership organisation.

A CMI qualification and membership will ensure that you are recognised as a qualified and knowledgeable professional.

To learn more about our CMI study courses, please visit the following link:

Leadership and Management

Loans Available for all of our Courses at 0% interest

Loans available over 6, 10 or 12 months
Deposit required  – Minimum 5%


Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Are you over 18?
  • Do you earn over £12,000/year?
  • Do you have a good credit history with no CCJs, late payments etc?
  • Are you a permanent UK resident with 3 years of UK address history?
  • You can find out more information here

    If you meet the criteria above, and are interested in taking up this offer, then please email

    The Marginal Gains Approach

    It is an approach which works on the principle that making multiple small – marginal – changes will combine to result in larger, substantial change. It has been developed and applied very successfully in a number of sports, and is now being considered and adapted for use in other fields, such as career and professional development.

    Here are just a few Workplace examples where small changes could lead, collectively, to faster progress in achieving your objectives:

    • Workplace Appearance – if you are aiming for promotion, or hoping for involvement in a new project, does your appearance look “professional”? If not, then consider changes.
    • Team Performance – are you a supportive, helpful colleague? If not, then consider changes – being seen as unsupportive, unhelpful, creates a very negative image
    • Change Supporter – do you welcome change, and actively support it – or are you always resistant or hostile to change? If it is the latter then change your response to change
    • Attitude to Opportunities – do you visibly welcome and volunteer for involvement in new projects, new activities? If not, you are missing an opportunity to raise your profile and to learn new skills or gain new knowledge that will be useful in the future
    • Professional Links – are you a member of the relevant professional association or institute – which you can learn from, obtain resources from, and which, in workplace discussions and on your CV, confirms your professionalism?  If not, then seriously consider it

    big impact

    Event of the Month

    International Women’s Day

    Womens Day

    This day is celebrated on March 8th by organisations and individuals around the world.

    It is the day on which the lives of important women from the past are remembered and celebrated, and when the role and contribution of women in the business world and society – today and in the future – will be promoted.

    Around the world there will be conferences, workshops, parades, parties, festivals, all focusing on the invaluable contribution of women to our world.

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