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BrightonSBM June 2016 Newsletter


Euro 2016

Guess the Score

Just guess the correct score, from a number of selected games to be in with a chance.

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Coming Soon!!! – Olympics 2016

olympic_rings 750

Guess which nations will top the medal board.

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June Offer


20% Discount on Your Next Course – Offer available throughout June.

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Events of the Month

Summer Solstice


In the Northern Hemisphere June 21st is the longest day – the longest daylight hours – and the first, official, day of Summer.
One of the world’s oldest evidence of the Summer Solstice’s importance in culture is Stonehenge in England, a megalithic structure which clearly marks the moment of the June Solstice and is the site of many ancient rituals on the day.

In the Southern Hemisphere it is the shortest day – and the first, official, day of Winter.
To learn more about this event, please visit:


Study Subject of the Month


One of the fastest growing job and career areas today, and for the foreseeable future, is Project Management.
Our Level 3 Award in Project Management – accredited by the UK Chartered Management Institute (CMI) – is ideally suited for new project managers, or managers wanting to develop their project management skills.
The course covers:

  • The nature and context of projects
  • Individual roles and responsibilities within projects
  • The essential tools and techniques and how to apply them to different types of projects
  • Project management theories and models that will help you with decision-making and resolving workplace problems

The course is recognised internationally, and completion of the qualification will demonstrate your competence as a Project Manager, increasing your value to your current or future organisations.
For more information please visit:
Project Management Course

Study Tip of the Month

Make Your Internet Searches More Specific

Most of you will carry out internet searches for additional, or supporting, articles or reports or case studies, or simply more information on the topics/issues in the Unit or in the Assignment.

Here are some tips which will help you make that activity more productive, more effective:

Firstly, use Google to search – it is now universally recognised as the best search engine for educational and business information.

Secondly, use the key words from the unit subject but – also – the “command verbs” from the assignment criteria.


So, for example:

if you are looking for information about Marketing Research, and the Assignment asks you to “… prepare a Marketing Research plan …” – then enter into Google phrases such as “Market Research plan example” or “Market Research plan template”.

if you need to create a plan for your particular type of organisation, or sector, then use phrases such as “Marketing Research plan hotel” or “Marketing Research plan construction company”.

if you are looking for information about Leadership Styles, and the Assignment asks you to “ … compare and contrast Leadership Styles …” – then enter into Google phrases such as “Leadership styles effective comparison”, or “effective Leadership Styles situations”.

Being more specific with your Search Phrases will produce much better results!

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  • Are you over 18?
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  • Are you a permanent UK resident with 3 years of UK address history?

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