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BrightonSBM May 2016 Newsletter

Competitions COMING SOON !!!

Keep Checking Our Blog for updates on when the competitions start.

Euro 2016


Guess the Score

Just select the correct score, from a number of chosen games to be in with a chance.

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Olympics 2016


Guess Which Nations will Top the Medal Board?

Just select the top three nations in the correct order.

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Keep Checking Our Blog for updates on when the competitions start.

Asia Pacific

One of our Tutors – Clive Findlay – will be making two presentations at the Asia Pacific Career Development Association annual conference in Taiwan in mid-May.

Event of the Month

Coaching and Mentoring

May Newsletter

Although we have mentioned these courses in previous newsletters, we felt we should highlight them again as we are experiencing high levels of demand for them and receiving positive feedback about them.

CMI Level 3 Award, Certificate, and Diploma: Ideally suited to Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Junior Managers, involved in Coaching individuals and or teams.

CMI Level 5 Award, Certificate, and Diploma: For Middle Managers and specialists who are personally, directly involved in providing Coaching and/or Mentoring services to colleagues and-or to external clients.

CMI Level 7 Certificate and Diploma: For Senior Managers and Specialists whose role involves organising, managing, and monitoring the provision of Coaching and Mentoring services in their organisations.

For more information on them, click here.

Food for Thought

Teamwork: Lessons from Football

Here in the UK our football season is coming to a close. In the Premier League, – Leicester City have amazingly won the title, with only 2 games to go. Leicester started the season as favourites to be relegated.


The key to their success is …Teamwork.

They train hard together, play during matches to the best of their individual ability, play unselfishly, don’t complain if someone makes a genuine mistake. And they have a manager who is modest, quietly-spoken, works hard to create a team spirit, develops each individual’s skills, gives the team a realistic plan of action for every game, then if they win praises the whole team, not himself, and if they lose, doesn’t blame any individual, nor the whole team, but takes personal responsibility.

Collective effort – teamwork.

Loans Available for all of our Courses at 0% interest


Loans available over 6, 10 or 12 months
Deposit required – Minimum 5%

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Are you over 18?
  • Do you earn over £12,000/year?
  • Do you have a good credit history with no CCJs, late payments etc?
  • Are you a permanent UK resident with 3 years of UK address history?

You can find out more information here

If you meet the criteria above, and are interested in taking up this offer, then please email

Useful Study Tips

Making Online Studying Work

May b

There are many advantages to online learning for working professionals, but if you want to succeed in your online education, it’s important to develop good study habits.
Here are 6 useful tips to help you:

1 Follow the Study Guidance Provided
There is a substantial amount of study materials – articles, reports, case studies – provided as core materials. You should read and learn from all of those – they contain the essential information. To supplement that material it is strongly advised that you find additional articles, reports, etc relevant to you particular sector and type of organisation, as that adds to your knowledge and understanding.

2 Be Organized
All aspects related to your studies should be planned and organised – your study times, your study environments, your study materials. Then you can focus on the studying without distractions – and it will help you meet timetable deadlines.

3 Create a Suitable Study Environment
Choose the location(s) that help you focus. This may be in your workplace before or after working hours, in a library, or (the choice of most) in your home – or a mix of those. Wherever you choose to study, make sure the environment is supportive – quiet, undisturbed, properly equipped to meet your needs.

4 Take Advantage of Tutor Support
Although online tutors are not teachers-lecturers, they are there to support you by answering your questions, clarifying meanings, recommending sources of information, and advising on how to successfully complete assignments or pass examinations. Make use of them!

5 Add Traditional Techniques to Your Study Approach
While the internet is essential for studying, you can also benefit by including traditional offline techniques. This includes doing research at local public or academic libraries, talking with managers and specialists in your organisation, reading trade-business journals, attending local meetings of professional associations. Those activities will make the study experience more varied and interesting, as well as enhance your depth of learning.

6 Remember It’s About Your Future
Gaining the award certificate and putting the qualification on your CV-Résumé is important, but remember – the main purpose of your studies is to be able to take substantial knowledge and understanding of the subjects into the future with you – to help make you more effective and successful in your current and future roles.

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