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Brighton School of Business and Management - Newsletter June 2014

Girl-with-Lap-topA very interesting development related to career-start and career-progression is that there is an increasing number of people creating short videos to supplement or even replace their CV / Résumé.

Even more interesting is that there is already a substantial number of organisations who are happy to accept these, and who are tending to select from those who do submit them.

At the moment this trend is mainly visible in sectors such as: marketing, the media, fashion, website design, and public relations. This is forecast to change, however, in the same way that the use of social media channels for marketing, sales, and customer relationship building, has been rapidly embraced by even the more traditional types of business organisation.

To learn more about this significant development, to see advice on how to create an effective video curriculum vitae-résumé, and examples of them, visit these sites:,,,

Professional Development Advice

All those aspiring to be a manager or specialist, at any level, in any organisation, should have a good knowledge and understanding of the essential systems on which successful organisations are built.

 The main ones are

 Quality Management: the driving force that ensures all operational activities, products and services are to the right standard and meet customer-client requirements, achieved through the application of systems and models such as: ISO9000, the EFQM Business Excellence model, PIQASSO, TQM, and the Baldridge Award.

 Environmental Management / Sustainable Development / Corporate Social Responsibility: increasingly applied as one approach, through the implementation of systems such as ISO14000 and ISO26000.

 Information Security Management: highly relevant today due to the use of the internet for B2B and B2C transactions, information management, information storage, and internal communications – leading to the introduction of a new international standard – ISO27000.

 Integrated Management Systems: in forward-thinking organisations these systems / approaches are now being merged into what are known as IMS Integrated Management Systems. These are then often further enhanced by integrating other standards, such as Investors in People IIP which focuses on the training and development of staff at all levels, and OHSAS 18000 which focuses on Health and Safety in the organisation. To support this development PAS 99 – a new standard for integrated management systems – has been developed.

 To be a successful, effective specialist or manager in today’s organisations it is essential to have a good knowledge of the format, structure, and purpose of these systems.

 Sources of information

 Details of all ISO standards can be found at: Information about IMS Integrated Management Systems can be found at  Information about all of the above can also be found at,,



 There is compelling evidence that partaking in some form of business-personal networking is advantageous – if not for career progression, then at least for the gaining of additional, useful, business contacts and business knowledge.

This month we are focusing on networking with local business communities – mainly through attending the local meetings of organisations, but also through online contact.

 Chambers of Commerce

A Chamber of Commerce is an association of business organisations whose purpose is to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular area – usually a city, town, or county/district. It is often supported by the local municipality/authority in which it operates. Businesses which rely on local trade find Chambers to be particularly useful for marketing purposes, and those whose markets are national or international find Chambers useful for finding support services, such as accounting and marketing.

There is a network of Chambers of Commerce in every developed country, and in some areas, such as in the Middle East, Asia, and the EU, country and-or regional Chambers which provide a wider spectrum of services.

 Independent Business Networking Groups

Again in most countries, there is a wide range of independent business networking groups – offering such events as early-morning breakfast meetings, workshops, training events, local conferences. Examples of such groups which now operate internationally can be seen at:,,,  

In most countries and regions there are Women in Business associations. The purpose of these is to provide networking opportunities and support services specifically for women, in response to the difficulties that businesswomen still experience in some countries and-or in some business sectors.

Examples can be seen at:,,,,

 Professional Institutes and Associations

An important channel for effective networking is provided by professional associations and institutes. In addition to membership status, qualifications, and a range of online resources, many also offer local or regional events – such as workshops, visits to organisations, guest speakers, and social events – all of which are also ideal for face-to-face networking.

To see examples of these services, visit:,,,,

Study Tips 


Lap-Top-ImageDiscuss topics and issues in your workplace

As a mature student, often studying by online distance learning, a relatively simple way to enhance your knowledge of a particular topic or issue is to discuss it with colleagues – team members, managers, or specialists – in your organisation.

For example, if you are studying a module on finance and accounting – a subject area which many find difficult – most managers should be able to discuss operational-level budget management with you.

If your immediate colleagues or line manager are not willing to help or don’t have experience of the subject, then contact others, perhaps more senior and-or more specialist – there are certain to be some who will be pleased to assist you – for example if studying supply chain management then a specialist in the purchasing department should be able to help.

In doing so you will benefit from: the knowledge and experience of others, hearing different perspectives, learning how your particular organisation responds, and, in addition, you will be highlighting the fact that you are studying and professionally developing.

Qualification Options

 Alternatives to MBAs

Having an MBA as one of your qualifications can be extremely valuable, particularly in certain sectors, such as education and consultancy. They can also be an essential requirement in large, long-established organisations which have historically employed MBA holders.

However, before committing to studying for an MBA, it is worth reflecting on some interesting facts.

Firstly, there is a growing perception, in the minds of many employers around the world, that the content of many MBA courses is not sufficiently relevant to the needs of today’s businesses, and that – although obviously academically bright – many graduates will have covered a wide range of subjects but only gained a thin layer of knowledge and understanding of each of those.

Secondly, having an MBA is no longer a sign of exclusivity, of difference. Currently there are over 5,000,000 MBA holders worldwide under the age of 35, and each year there are over 1,000,000,000 new graduates.

An alternative would be to consider the other Masters degrees – the MA and the MSc. These are usually focused on a specific subject-specialism, such as: Strategic Planning, Managing Diversity, Public Policy, Organisational Consultancy, Project Management, Engineering, Education, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Management.

A CV-Résumé showing an MSc in one of those would certainly stand out – and would differentiate the applicant as someone who is: focused, has specialist knowledge, and who is likely to be able to contribute more positively to that strategic area in the organisation.

In the current business environment, those would be seen as extremely attractive attributes!


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