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Brighton SBM Newsletter May 2015


Lucy Hilliard, of Student Services, is now on Maternity Leave. Lucy and her partner Steve are expecting their first child later this year. We all wish her a safe and speedy delivery and look forward to seeing her new baby.

We are delighted to welcome new members of our Tutor and Internal Verification team – they are:

Martin Holt – CQI Tutor

Jamie Pearson – Health Care Tutor

Thomas Currid – Health Care Tutor


BSBM Competition

009We would like to congratulate Caroline from Leicestershire who won our Twitter Amazon Voucher competition. A £25 Amazon voucher will be on its way to you very soon!!

Keep an eye out for our Wimbledon 2015 Tennis competition where we will, once again be having a fabulous prize available. Remember – you have to be in it to win it!!

Interesting Events of the Month

International Nurses Day


– celebrated on the 12th  May in most countries around the world, it both commemorates the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale – one of the modern nursing profession’s most famous founders – and promotes and acknowledges the critical role of nurses in providing healthcare services to those in need.

For more information on this event please visit:


Cheung Chau Bun Festival 



– held in Hong Kong on the 22nd to 26th May, legend says that after the island was plagued by an epidemic that killed thousands, the disease was conquered when the locals brought in the god Pak Tai to Cheung Chau and he drove the plague and evil spirits away. As a result, this festival is dedicated to Pak Tai and is celebrated every year on the Buddha’s birthday, and the week-long festivities encompass a wide range of activities from prayers and offerings to the god, to floats, children’s stilts parades, lion dances, and the culmination of the festival with a “bun scrambling” contest at midnight of the last day.

For more information on this event please visit:


Study Subject of the Month: Hospitality and Travel & Tourism  

Nice female manager posing with the staff in a professional kitchen

By 2020 it is forecast that the UK will need at least 300,000 more people to work in these sectors, in India the forecast is that over 5,000,000 new jobs will be created, and in China the forecast is for 10,000,000 new jobs being created.

This phenomenal growth will offers great career pathways for those who are qualified and experienced.

To support individuals keen to gain such qualifications, we now can provide internationally recognised courses which are UK accredited and recognised by employers in every business sector and in every type and size of organisation.

For details of our Hospitality and Travel & Tourism study courses, please visit:


Useful Study Tips


Learning Without Overloading Yourself

If you work and study and don’t give yourself enough Quality Recovery Time (rest and play) your stress levels will increase and your effectiveness will decrease.

To avoid that, you need to ensure that you have a support system in place – a blend of actions, resources, and approaches, comprising:

Making the Right Choice

Ensure that you select the most appropriate qualification/skills area – one that will help you to develop your expertise and knowledge and progress in your career.

Available Time

You need to plan when and where you spend your study time, to minimise disruption, but in a way which ensures you spend sufficient time to study and complete the course successfully.

Access to Resources

Your course provider will give you access to materials,  but you should also search on  the internet for articles, reports, related to each subject area, but which are specific to your type of organisation and business sector. Also, you should, wherever possible, talk with specialists and managers in your organisation, to draw on their experiences.

Support from Family   

 Gaining their understanding and support is critical. The way to do this is to involve them and keep them informed from the start – making it clear as to why the qualification is important to you, and to yours and their futures. Also ask for their help in arranging your study times, and in arranging regular occasions when you give all your attention to them.

Support from Friends  

Again, keep your friends informed and make sure they are aware of how important the qualification is to you. When you do arrange to meet them, keep to those arrangements – don’t let them down.

Support from Your Workplace

 Not always possible, but most organisations do support individuals who are undertaking professional development activities.  Try to involve your line manager, and specialists such as in Finance and Marketing, by arranging short sessions with them to ask their views on relevant course topics and issues.

Support from your Course Provider 

 Most providers will give you support.  Make sure that, before you commit to a provider, you have assurances, and evidence, that they will provide you with comprehensive support throughout your time on the course.

Personal Discipline 

 Only you can provide this – the determination and discipline to study as required, to follow the guidance and advice given by the provider team, to meet the coursework deadlines, to revise thoroughly if examinations are to be taken, and to keep key people, as above, informed about your progress, and thanked regularly for their support.

By having all of the above in place, you will manage your studies more successfully.

* based on an advice article from the CMI Chartered Management Institute

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