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Brighton SBM Newsletter July 2015


New team members: We are pleased to welcome new members of our Tutor and Internal Verification team – they are:

Alison-InglisAlison Inglis –  Tutor & IV – CMI Courses





Jamie-PearsonJamie Pearson – Tutor & IV- Health Care Courses





Thomas-CurridThomas Currid – Tutor & IV- Health Care Courses




Student Loans

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer student loans for all our courses.  Please email Marcia Gillett in Admissions for further information: email: 

 Happy graduates

UK University Bachelor Degrees and MBAs

We are delighted to announce that we have been approved as a progression provider for Anglia Ruskin University via the London School of Marketing – an established and highly respected UK university.

We are now able to offer many of our successful students direct entry on to the following UK University Accredited qualifications:

BA Bachelor Degree – Year 3 Top Up

For successful students of our HND Higher National Diplomas in Business, Accounting, Human Resources, Law, Management, and Marketing, we can now arrange direct entry to BA Honours in Business Management – Year 3 Top Up – studied by online-distance learning.

MBA Masters in Business Administration

For successful students of our CMI and Edexcel Level 7 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, we can now obtain direct entry to the MBA – studied by online-distance learning.

For more information and to register your interest in either of these courses, please email to:

Marcia on

BSBM Competitions – Wimbledon Competition

For fans of professional women’s and men’s tennis, Wimbledon is one of the major events of the year – this year it starts on Monday 29th June and runs through (British weather allowing!) to Sunday 12th July.


wimbledonTo enter this great competition – just guess the winner of both the Men’s and Ladies singles competition, but hurry – entries end on July 8th 2015.

To play the Wimbledon Competition click here


Interesting Events of the Month

Background for Muslim Community Festival Vector Illustration EPS10

Eid al-Fitr – As Muslims around the world will know, Ramadan is underway at this time. It is of great significance for Muslims, as it is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed.

It is a 29 or 30 day period when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset – though it is a period not only of fasting, but of prayer, charity-giving, and self-reflection, for Muslims. It is viewed as a month-long period from which believers leave with a developed sense of awareness in all aspects of their lives.

At the end of Ramadan comes Eid al-Fitr – this year falling between the 16th and 18th June in different time-zones around the world. It is a short festive, holiday period lasting usually 3 or 4 days, marking the end of Ramadan. During this many Muslims prepare festive meals to share, wear new clothes, visit relatives, give presents or candy to children, and some mosques also hold study days and lectures on aspects of Islam and Islamic history 

For more information on this, please visit:


Useful Study Tips

8 Tips for Distance Learning Success


Mature business woman with laptopHere are some useful tips to help you get the most out of your studies, keep motivated and on track with your course – and achieve the qualification you need.

 Get to know your course materials

Your course materials have been selected to give you the fundamental knowledge and information you need to get through the course, so make sure you read all of them.

 Add depth and breadth to your knowledge

Extra reading and research can really help your studies. Use the key words and phrases from your subject to search the internet for articles, reports, case studies, particularly those relevant to your particular business sector and type of organisation.

Set aside time to study

Organisation is the key to succeeding in distance learning, especially if you’re juggling work and family commitments as well. Setting aside regular, short bursts of time to spend on your studies is much better than trying to cram in

huge amounts of work as deadlines loom. Distance learning gives you the flexibility to study at a time that suits you, so make use of it – early in the morning before work or late at night can be great times to devote to your course work.

Create a study space

As well as setting aside time to study, it can be helpful to have a quiet space set aside to help you concentrate on your work. If you can’t convert a spare room or a quiet corner into a mini office, it might be more helpful to escape to a local library or ask permission to use your workplace before or after your official hours.

Set regular goals

Using your course timetable, break your studies down into small, manageable step. That is the best way to make regular progress whilst feeling like you’re actually achieving something. Your course schedule is likely to be broken down into units, or modules, but it can help to break these down even further.

Keep in touch with your Tutor

Keeping in regular contact with your tutor is essential to staying motivated on your course. Even if you don’t feel like you need any help, keeping in touch can be a good way to stay up to date, pick up extra tips and advice or just make sure that you’re still on the right track. Your tutor will be able to suggest additional resources, and will be able to offer you advice based on their own experience as well.

Tell people about your studies

Telling your family, friends, colleagues, and manager about your studies is a great way to stay motivated on your course and get some much-needed encouragement and praise as you achieve your goals. Enlisting others to help give you a push can be a good way to ensure you study at the times you’ve set aside.

Celebrate Success

Reward yourself each time you make significant progress. Remember, you chose to do this. Be proud of your accomplishments! Treating yourself for achieving goals will help to motivate you and give you a sense of progress and achievement on your course, so planning rewards for milestones such as submitting work or completing units can be a useful way to keep your spirits high as you study.


And Finally –


What Kind of Manager are You ???

expressions16Discover your management style with this helpful quiz

Find out with our online quiz –


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