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Brighton SBM January 2015 Newsletter

BSBM Newsletter – January 2015

Happy New Year!



New Qualifications 

Following our recent award of Approved Centre status from the Institute of Supply Chain Management IoSCM, our new portfolio of Supply Chain and Purchasing Management qualifications are now on our website.

To see the full range of these valuable qualifications, please go to:


21 Days of Christmas Competition Winner.

We are delighted to announce that the winner of a brand new I-Phone 6 was Beth Crunden from the UK.

Congratulations Beth, your shiny new phone will be along to you very soon.


Interesting Event of the Month: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Two days – one “event” – celebrated by many millions of people around the world.

New Year’s Eve is mostly about the evening and late night, when people celebrate the passing of the “old” year and coming of the new, by partying, either privately in their own homes with family and friends, or publicly in huge gatherings in city and town centres, on beaches, in parks, and of course, in clubs and pubs, too!

One interesting aspect of this event – which most people aren’t aware of – is that it happens at different times, and on different days, around the world.

For example, whilst here in the UK it will still be 10.00 in the morning of Wednesday 31st December, at that time Samoa will be celebrating the arrival of the New Year, followed by islands and countries in that region such as Australia, then countries and regions heading West until it is actually 12 Midnight UK time.

Then, going on into Thursday 1st January UK time, countries such as Canada and the USA and those in South America celebrate midnight in their time zones, when the UK is already well into the morning of their own New Year’s Day.

Wherever and whenever, at Midnight there is traditionally the ringing of church and public building bells, and as the old year passes away, there is usually the singing of ancient songs, followed, as the bells strike through to 12, by a few moments’ silent reflection.  Then, as soon as Midnight has passed and the New Year has officially started there are huge cheers and much hugging and embracing of friends, family, and even complete strangers!

During New Year’s Day itself, for many it is often a case of spending time recovering from the excesses of the night before! But it is also a time for looking forward to the year ahead.

Most of us then decide on New Year’s Resolutions. These are plans, proposed actions, promises to ourselves which we pledge to keep to or achieve in the year to come.

Such Resolutions can include, for different individuals, resolving to be kinder, more considerate, a better person, to gain a qualification, to get a promotion, to change career direction, to get married, have children, go to the gym, get fitter, lose weight … and so on.

Sadly, many are soon forgotten as the pressures of daily life return after a few days of holiday have passed.

Happily, many are followed up and achieved, making the making of the resolutions worthwhile.


If you don’t achieve all of your New Year Resolutions, don’t be too disappointed – be pleased about the ones you do achieve!


Study Subject of the Month: The SWOT Analysis

The Personal SWOT Analysis is an extremely valuable tool. One that any individual concerned about their personal, professional, and career development should make use of.

It asks you to list – after personally reflecting on, and asking the opinions of others such as colleagues and managers – what are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

That listing is the easy part. The difficult part is to then build responses to what you have identified into your professional-career development plans, and in some cases, your workplace behaviour.

This approach requires you to:

Strengths         Plan actions, approaches, which will build on, take advantage of, your Strengths

Weaknesses     Plan actions, approaches, which will minimise the impact of, or eliminate, your weaknesses.

Opportunities   Plan actions, approaches, which will explore further, and-or take advantage of, your Opportunities.

Threats Plan actions, approaches, which will minimise the effects of, or eliminate, the Threats


Doing that regularly – our tutors would suggest every 6 months – will help you to remain in control of your professional and career development.


Useful Study Tips 

The only New Year’s Resolution you need 

As described above, there are many New Year Resolutions which you could make.

However, there is one that, for most people, would be enough to make a huge difference to their life in 2015 – and that of those around them, at home, socially, and in the workplace.

That resolution is to – work harder at being a better partner, better friend, better colleague, better member of the community.

Do that, and 2015 will be a fabulously successful year for you, and all around you will benefit too. 

Finally – Food for Thought

You’re not a “type” – you are unique

Although not actually a “New Year’s Resolution”, this might be a good time of the year to reflect on the following:

When thinking about your professional and career development, don’t allow yourself to be convinced that you are a particular “type”, and that as a result, you are only suitable for certain jobs, roles, and organisations.

You are an individual, unique, and special – because of that individuality and uniqueness.

There will, of course, be some jobs, roles, organisations, which you would not be comfortable in, or effective in, but don’t jump to conclusions, don’t make assumptions, until you’ve thought long and hard about what are the most important things in your life – your values, beliefs, ambitions.

Think about those first, and then start your search, plan your development, in a way which will build on, maintain, and reinforce those values, beliefs, and ambitions.


That will ensure that you have a successful, and rewarding, life in the workplace.

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