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Brighton SBM April 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to our new colleague Laura King. Laura will be working in the Admissions Department, dealing with new enquiries and new applications.

Event of the Month

International Mother Earth Day

Earth Day

On April 22nd most countries in our world celebrate Earth Day – an annual event celebrated to demonstrate support for environmental protection and promotion of harmony with nature.
Our planet’s ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance.

As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said in 2015 “The big decisions that lie ahead are not only for world leaders and policy-makers to make. Today, on Mother Earth Day, I ask each one of us to be mindful of the impacts our choices have on this planet, and what those impacts will mean for future generations. ”

Study Subject of the Month

Business Advisor Support


In most parts of the world today there is a rapidly growing demand from small and medium sized businesses for advice and guidance.We can now offer the CMI course in Business Support. The course covers all essential models and theories of the business support process and the impact they have on clients and their businesses.

The qualifications are nationally-recognised with transferable credits onto other courses. Successful completion will indicate to potential clients-customers that you are capable and knowledgeable enough to give professional business support advice, and that will improve your prospects of successfully winning contracts.

To learn more about these CMI study courses, please visit:

CMI L5 Business Support Courses

Food for Thought

The CV Résumé – Still a Vital Tool

A traditional cv-résumé might seem like a relic in today’s digital-driven world—but it’s not!


A recent survey – the Jobvite 2015 Study – found that 93% of recruiting companies said that in addition to using social media sources and application forms, cv-résumés made an important contribution to their decision-making – particularly for middle and senior management and specialist positions.
It seems certain that the cv-résumé will continue to be a vital tool, and we recommend that if you decide to seek a new position, in a new organisation or sector, you spend time on ensuring that yours is up-to-date, relevant to each individual vacancy you apply for, and presented to a high standard.

Loans Available for all of our Courses at 0% interest

Loans available over 6, 10 or 12 months
Deposit required – Minimum 5%

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Are you over 18?
  • Do you earn over £12,000/year?
  • Do you have a good credit history with no CCJs, late payments etc?
  • Are you a permanent UK resident with 3 years of UK address history?

You can find out more information here

If you meet the criteria above, and are interested in taking up this offer, then please email

Useful Study Tips

Scanning the Future

Scanning the future

Before deciding what to study, it is essential that you are confident that your choice will be of value to you in the near and medium-term future.

The only way to be certain is to carry out a scan of the future.

Examples of how valuable this will be include the following:

  • If you are working in the Oil and Gas industry your research will show you that over the next 10 years it is expected that in the UK the industry will shrink substantially – and almost disappear. Elsewhere in the world, however, the demand for skilled workers and managers will increase dramatically
  • If you are working in the Healthcare sector, the forecasts are that over 7 million more jobs will be created – and need filling – by 2025
  • If in the high-street, off-line Retail sector, the forecast is that in the UK alone nearly 1 million jobs will disappear by 2025 – and world-wide the figure is estimated to be near to 15 million
  • If in the Construction or Project Management sector, the forecast is that every year – every year – from now until 2025 there will be an additional 1.5 million team leader, specialist, or project manager jobs needing filling

As can be seen from these examples, planning a career and gaining qualifications relevant to some sectors may be a good decision, whilst for other sectors that could be a bad decision.

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