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What are the Benefits of the New Edexcel Pearson HND?

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What are the Benefits of the New Edexcel Pearson HND?

Key to the success of the new Edexcel Pearson HND qualifications is how it has been developed in conjunction with businesses and organisations. Its aim is to provide the work-related learning and key skills that employers are really looking for all of which can be delivered in colleges, on university campuses and online.

Relevant Qualifications

Employers have long been looking at relevant qualifications that mean something in the real world. The new HND Business Management course delivers a much broader curriculum than its predecessors and includes modules that reflect National Occupational Standards which are more relevant to the current workplace. It has been developed with the guidance and input from businesses and organisations who want to see a qualification they can rely on to deliver well trained and informed employees.

Academic Knowledge and Employability Built In

Compared to the older HNDs and Foundation Degrees, the new Pearson HNDs have greater employability built into their modules in addition to helping students to develop academic ability. This more practical context is key in encouraging employees to apply the skills and knowledge they learn to the real world.

Courses cover a wider range of issues that affect all business nowadays including operating in a global market place and developing and understanding market intelligence. The involvement of different industries in this has been invaluable, giving students a better insight into real world scenarios and allowing them to engage with companies on different aspects of business management and development.

Employers Like It

In the past, courses often left students without the key skills and knowledge that employers were really looking for. This has changed with the new Edexcel Pearson HND precisely because it has been created via employer input. The courses have also been recognised by universities which means that students can now go on to take degrees and use their HND course as part of that assessment.

Students are becoming more savvy in what courses they select. Any business course worth its salt must deliver modules on new technologies and the global market place because these are some of the main drivers across the world nowadays. Students can study areas including law and accounting without being restricted by module structure or content. The potential is there for them to get a strong business grounding that employers are more confident with.

Practical Skills and Knowledge for the Future Workforce

If an employer sees a qualification that delivers the kind of knowledge and expertise they are looking for, they are more likely to take that applicant on and give them a chance.

The breadth of coverage that the business management HND provides means that students can also discover their niche, find areas in which they want to specialise and also go onto more advanced education such as completing their degree or opting to take on a postgraduate course. They even have the core knowledge that can help them start their own businesses and become the entrepreneurs of the future.

The strength of the new Edexcel Person HND is obviously in its greater coverage, how it can be applied to the real world and its relevance to businesses and organisations across the board. That not only means it benefits the student undertaking the course but the employer who will be hoping to take them on in the future.



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