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Are You A Good Role Model For Your Employees?

Are you a good role model

Senior Managers and Leaders are critical to the success of the organisation. The culture and tone they create set the expectation of others

They require exceptional communication skills and the ability to drive performance through their management team, empowering others whilst maintaining high levels of accountability.

A recent article by Investors in People explains that everybody needs someone to look up to in the workplace in the form of a role model.  A manager’s behaviour has an impact on everyone around them, and an effective manager is one who inspires their team by showing the way with their own actions.

This includes the approach that they adopt for their own professional development.

In this blog you will learn:

  • Why acting as a role model for your employees is important in business
  • That the most successful professionals never stop learning
  • Why so many senior managers are adopting distance learning as their preferred method to achieve a professional accreditation
  • Why a Level 7 or 8 CMI qualification from Brighton School of Business and Management will benefit both yourself and your organisation

One way to teach employees about leadership is by being a role model who others can observe and emulate

A company’s culture derives from the behaviour modelled by its leaders, and employees notice when the bosses are setting a good example — and when they are not. If a business owner provides a powerful, consistent and positive role model, the company will likely follow that lead.

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”  John Wooden

If the management team has identified ways to improve its culture, then it’s vital it follows through on its actions – and it’s down to the senior manager to be the face of those changes. For an organisation that puts learning at its heart, senior managers who embrace learning themselves, and in particular look to gain new qualifications in leadership or elements of management, will model the way to their staff, and encourage them to follow suit.

What sets good managers and leaders apart from their peers is their learning mind-set.  Rather than relying on corporate training programmes, many senior managers and directors are turning to other forms of learning and in particular, distance learning, to help them develop their skills to progress in their careers and to inspire their employees to do the same.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, by supporting managers and leaders to be in ‘learning mode’, organisations can develop the capabilities that leaders need to anticipate, respond to, and continually learn from the stream of emerging challenges to organisational prosperity.

The advantages of continuing to learn, even when you are at the top

Learning is an essential ingredient of any successful business. As soon as you close your mind to the possibility of another reality, you are closing yourself off to other greater opportunities that lie waiting for you.

Senior Managers need to be open to new ideas. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow – markets, technology and employees’ expectations change. Your company’s growth depends on your ability to understand what’s happening and work with it. That means learning.

Someone who is undoubtedly at the top of his career is Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, who believes that the ability to be open to change and to continue to try and improve oneself and one’s business is crucial to success.  According to Gates, if you ignore your surroundings and stop asking questions about how to improve, you will be destined to failure. Gates attributes his success to his desire to never stop learning and it is this curiosity that Gates tries to inspire in his workers, encouraging them to not only find answers, but to ask the right questions.

“If you never stop learning, you will never stop seeing the possibilities”. Bill Gates

Gates believes that no matter what you spend your time doing in life, you should never stop asking questions; never stop learning. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO or a software developer, it is only by increasing your understanding of the world around you that you will be able to have a significant impact.

Continuous learning will help you to:

  1. Gain perspective:

When you question how things are done, whether they are successful or not, you gain a sense of perspective. This will not only make you a better-rounded person, but you’ll be able to more soundly understand your employees’ work and thus elevate them to a new level.

  1. Save time, and money

Taking a course online allows you the freedom to work and study at the same time. You are not restricted by traditional classroom schedules and you can study at a time and place that suits you. Taking a course online is also generally a more affordable route to gaining an accreditation or certification.

  1. Improve morale

Stretching your brain to its limits to perfect that new skill is certainly tough, but nothing feels sweeter than that sense of accomplishment. This sense of personal development is so important to enhance morale for yourself, and which will then carry into your business culture.  When you push yourself to learn new things, you’ll be amazed at the positive impact it’ll have on your business.

Senior management are turning to distance learning for advanced qualifications

At Brighton School of Business and Management, our ILM and Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualifications are designed to enhance your knowledge of Management through distance learning courses, enabling you to develop creative solutions and approaches. Our industry recognised management qualifications are a stamp of approval for businesses and employers.

“Over 80% of managers we spoke to said that a CMI qualification is a key part of becoming a professional manager.”  CMI

The qualifications are internationally recognised and completely flexible to your current commitments. There’s no need to give up your job, or your social life, our distance learning courses are designed around you.

Distance learning programmes provide management training that offers the convenience of being able to study at home in front of the computer.  A key feature of online distance learning is that the students are at the centre of the learning process and they have to take a more proactive role.

Recent research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has shown that Managers taking online courses are developing additional skills – such as discipline, focus, accountability and troubleshooting – this method of learning requires them to be more organised and manage their own educational experience.

The pace of learning is also flexible, which can be a tempting option if you are a busy business manager juggling responsibilities at work and home while struggling to find time for professional training. Distance learning courses from the Brighton School of Business and Management offer the practical advantages of allowing you to gain knowledge when you want it and where you want it.

The CMI (Chartered Management Institute) is the only chartered professional body dedicated to raising standards in Management and Leadership across all sectors of UK commerce and industry.

Distance-learning Level 7 and 8 Chartered Management Institute (CMI) accredited programmes for directors and senior managers

The Brighton School of Business and Management (BSBM) is one of the few providers of Levels 7 and 8 CMI leadership training in UK. BSBM has built a reputation for delivering high quality content, support and guidance, which results in high pass rates, as well as contributing to successful career progression for students.

Our courses that are particularly popular with senior managers are as follows:

CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership

Our Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership course is designed for Managers who are managing at a strategic level in the workplace. It is available as an Award, Certificate, Diploma and Extended Diploma. This course will require current Managers to develop their strategic management and leadership skills and to implement these models into their organisation’s strategy.

You will build on the managerial skills and knowledge you already have. You will gain a greater understanding of the various roles and responsibilities involved in strategic management and through focusing on specific areas in management we’ll tailor your qualification to suit your professional needs.

This is a Master’s level course with good progression routes onto an MBA course. We offer a Top Up MBA, also online, through Northampton University, which you can access once you have completed your CMI level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

CMI Level 8 in Strategic Direction and Leadership

Equivalent to a Doctorate in Management, our distance learning CMI Level 8 Strategic Direction and Leadership course is designed for directors and senior managers who have the responsibility for developing and implementing ethical and performance-driven strategy across multiple organisations, leading by example to inspire teams and provide clear direction.

Our Level 8 Award in Strategic Direction and Leadership is a qualification that allows you to strengthen your existing management and leadership skills and enhance your knowledge of the various roles and responsibilities of a strategic manager.  You can study at the Award, Certificate or Diploma level. You must complete the Level 8 Certificate before you can top up onto the Diploma.  The CMI are the only organisation that offers Level 8 (equivalent to a doctorate).

The qualification requires directors and senior managers to build on their skills in strategic direction and leadership and to focus on the requirements of inter-organisational strategy.  Our level 8 CMI programme is designed to suit the lifestyle of a senior leader, meaning your professional development fits perfectly around your busy schedule.

Studying online is a cost-effective way to complete a Level 7 or 8 course that could eventually lead to an MBA, as our fees are substantially less than if you studied at a university.

By taking a Level 7 or 8 course with the BSBM, you can take your abilities as a Leader to the next level, applying new and innovative methodologies to professional situations

You will benefit in the following ways:

  • Develop the advanced skills and knowledge that you need to lead transformational strategic change within your organisation(s), accelerating performance in multiple settings
  • Apply the tools, models and theories directly to real-life work-based problems and see the benefits in your organisation
  • Demonstrate to current and prospective employers your capabilities, ambition and commitment to professional development
  • Inspire your employees to develop themselves through gaining professional qualifications
  • Achieve the highest level of strategic learning, significantly improving your career prospects and earning power

So – get in touch today and apply for a Level 7 or Level 8 CMI course with BSBM.  You will not only benefit yourself, but you are acting as role model to inspire your employees to follow in your footsteps in terms of their professional recognition, help to establish a learning culture in your business, and hold the qualifications and status that you deserve in your position.

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