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4 Steps to Scoring That Coveted Customer Service Role

The British jobs market is booming, with the ONS reporting that in December 2015, unemployment fell to a record 5.2%. It’s great to see Brits in work, but that doesn’t mean that scoring a role in any less competitive. Especially when it comes to customer service. CV-Library confirmed that rivalry is still real, with an average of 37 applicants for every posted customer service position. So how you can you get ahead and stand out from the pack? Read on for our tips on how to score that coveted customer service role you’ve had your eye on:

Be Management Ready

Whether you’re applying for a Management role, or simply vying for a team based position, proven Leadership skills never go unnoticed. Designed for professionals who want to develop their core Management skills, the Level 5 qualifications in Management and Leadership focuses on the development of capabilities and competencies. With many Senior customer service roles requiring the supervision of teams, upskilling is a great way to prove you’re job ready.

Know your Customers

As you’re applying for a customer centric role, it’s critical to develop an in-depth understanding of who you’ll be dealing with. Pinpoint characteristics, then refer to these in your cover letter. For example, if the customer base of your employer is characterised by a certain income bracket, be sure to demonstrate your ability to effectively interact, connect and engage with this demographic.

Be upbeat and optimistic

As you’re dealing with customers, it’s important to demonstrate that you have the personal skills to connect with people. Attend your interview with a smile, and do everything you can to come across as upbeat, engaging and approachable. A vibrant social media presence is also important. Even if you don’t have personal pages on Facebook and Twitter, corporate platforms such as LinkedIn are a great way to show that you’re hands on when it comes to socialising as a professional.

Let words do the talking

When tailoring your CV and cover letter, keep in mind that words can have a big impact on how your application reads. In the customer service sector, HR teams want to read words that describe how you can enhance the customer experience. For example, assisted, solved, improved and supported are all positive indicators of what you can bring to the company.

Ready to start putting together a customer service application that gives you one up over your 37 counterparts? Remember, upskilling, company research, a positive attitude and strategic wording can be invaluable when it comes to securing your first interview, as well as impressive the panel.

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