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4 Signs You Should Invest In Mentoring

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A mentoring scheme is a vital business asset that provides a wide range of benefits – from giving a morale boost to improving training and expertise. But a lot of businesses fail to implement such a scheme because they don’t see the necessity. There are a number of warning signs that show you should be investing in a mentoring scheme. The four listed below are the most urgent.

1 – Stagnating Business

If your business is stagnating and you haven’t seen any real growth lately or new clients coming along, a mentor scheme could help you turn this around. A mentor scheme can reinvigorate your organization by providing a fresh perspective. By investing in mentoring, you’re likely to begin discuss where the business should be headed and gain fresh ideas about the most appropriate direction. Offering mentoring to staff also provides them with a whole new outlook and access to new tools and thinking to help put the sizzle back into a stagnating brand.

2- Staff Training Is Lacking

If your staff aren’t aware of new processes or new developments within your industry, your staff training could be to blame. An uninformed staff body can  have a hugely detrimental effect on your business because your staff will simply not be capable of fulfilling client expectations and pushing your business forwards at the same rate as competitors. However, if you invest in a mentoring scheme and train several senior staff, you would see an increase in both ability and knowledge diffusion. Having a mentor can help staff develop in whole new ways- they get feedback on what they are doing right and where they can improve and they have a dedicated person to discuss industry changes with.

3- Motivation & Morale Are Low

Mentors are the embodiment of motivators. And this can be crucial if your business is struggling with staff motivation and morale. Not only can the Mentee receive a boost from this service, the added responsibilities given to the mentor actually acts as a morale and motivation boost for them too. Mentees feel more motivated because they are supported more and can see an investment being made in them – a morale booster if ever there was one!

4 – High Staff Turnover

Many businesses struggle with staff retention and some lose their top talent on a regular basis. Mentoring schemes have been shown to reduce staff turnover levels by creating an inclusive and engaging atmosphere. Staff in workplaces with mentor schemes also feel better supported and more satisfied, leaving them less likely to look around for more attractive employment options.

Are you thinking about creating a mentoring scheme in your business? We offer a range of courses for different management levels, all of which teach the skills needed to be a successful mentor.

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