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4 Questions to Ask Your Mentor

Everyone can benefit from the wise advice of a seasoned professional acting as their Mentor. But in order to benefit, you cannot be reliant on them providing everything for you. In order to gain the most from these sessions there are some responsibilities the Mentee must fulfil. Chief among them is asking useful questions. But what makes a question worthwhile? Here are four examples of question types that will help you receive the biggest benefit from Mentoring sessions.

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Skill Building

This type of question refers to skills that you want to improve on or learn. It can be anything from Project Management to public speaking. Ask your Mentor about their skills in this area and how they have/would improve them. This will give you a lot of ideas for improving your own skills in this field. And your Mentor may even suggest workshops or online tutorials that will help you develop further.


Using situations to illustrate your points when asking questions can make your mentoring session much more useful. For instance, you could talk about something that didn’t quite go to plan, explaining exactly what you did or didn’t do and what the outcome was. Asking how your mentor would have approached the situation provides guidance to fall back on next time round.


The majority of people love to talk about themselves. And asking your Mentor for stories from their past can be a great way to improve your skills and consider different approaches to problem solving. Try asking them how they got to this point in their career. Or questions about mistakes they have made in the past and how they were resolved.

HND Business Online courses equips you for business

HND Business Online courses equips you for business


Seeing yourself as others perceive you will really help you to improve yourself. Ask your Mentor questions about activates they have seen you perform. If you recently gave a presentation, ask them how you came across or try asking about how other staff members perceive your work in the office. If you like the way you’re perceived – great. But if you dislike it then asking your Mentor these questions will help you develop a strategy together to improve your interpersonal skills.

Obviously in your mentoring sessions you are free to ask whatever you think would be helpful. But following these question styles can mean the answers you receive are useful and actionable, so you can walk away with the tools needed to develop your professional skillset.

Will you be asking your mentor questions along these lines? Let us know how it goes on our social media pages.

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