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    HNC HND Courses

HND Diploma in Hospitality – For a Career in Hospitality Management

The HND Diploma in Hospitality is recognised as a Degree Foundation course onto the final year of a Hospitality Degree. If you do not meet degree entry requirements, you are not able to study full-time for 3 years, and you want to avoid paying increasing study fees, then the HND Diploma in Hospitality is for you. Completion of this course will improve your understanding and develop the skills and techniques required for a successful career in hospitality.

The overall course is well structured and all relevant material provided even without further research. The courses equips you with the knowledge required to effectively and efficiently manage hospitality issues and even life situation in this ever changing environment.

Andrew Moffat - HND Hospitality Management

Why Study With Us?

Fully Accredited

All our online courses are accredited and have the same status as those studied at a university. This course is accredited by Pearson Edexcel with credits that are transferable onto universities and colleges. The HND Diploma in Hospitality course is equivalent to the first two years of a UK degree.

Flexible Study

These courses are online distance learning courses with no classroom attendance. We offer flexible start dates, flexible payment plans and flexible study. Loans at 0% interest are available to UK students.

Career Prospects

The HND Diploma in hospitality Management, as well as being recognised as a degree foundation course, is a specialist work-related course of study that cover the key knowledge, understanding and practical skills required in the hospitality sector. Completion of this course will improve your understanding of all aspects of hospitality management – increasing your job prospects and earning potential. This course will develop your skills and techniques required to be successful in the exciting and rapidly expanding hospitality sector.

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