Unit 7: The Developing Manager - RQF level 5

Credit value: 15

Unit Goals

This module assists students with understanding the principles of behaviour management, in addition to gaining the skills needed to audit their own potential as managers. It will also showcase the roles and responsibilities of management as well as show students how to make a development plan for their career.

Unit Considerations

The focus of this unit is on students’ careers within the management sector and their personal development. The unit will explore a variety of principles and practices used in management behaviour. Students will put the knowledge that they will learn to the test by reviewing their own potential as a manager through a process of self-appraisal.

By undertaking this unit and using the knowledge they will gain from it, students will get the opportunity to showcase managerial roles and responsibilities in a relevant environment. This can be done through work placement, simulation exercises, or through part-time employment. This will give them the opportunity to see how the programme can contribute to the development of their career.

Students must ensure that their information is relevant to the hospitality industry.

Outcomes for Learners

Upon completing this unit successfully, a learner will:

  1. Know the necessary management behaviour principles and practices.
  2. Have the ability to audit their own potential as a future manager.
  3. Be capable of demonstrating managerial skills in the content of business and services.
  4. Know how to create a career development plan in the context of business and services for future employability.
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