Unit 41: Personal and Professional Development - RQF level 5

Credit value: 15

Aim of the Unit

The purpose of this unit is to assist the student to become a confident and effective self-directed professional. This will help the student to become highly capable at managing their own professional and personal skill-set, in order to achieve their career goals.

Unit Considerations

By undertaking this unit, students will be able to determine and develop their professional and personal skills which will help them with their career progression into the future. It will also allow students to develop their abilities around organisation and management to improve their career performance overall. The emphasis of this unit is on the requirements of the individual rather than a group, however it does take into account how individuals develop within a team setting as well. Students will be involved in problem solving situations using real-life activities, role-play situations and a series of relevant case studies.

Outcomes for Learners

Once this unit has been successfully completed the student will:

  1. Know how learning through self-management can aid with lifelong development.
  2. Be capable of taking responsibility for their own career development.
  3. Be in a position to create and continuously audit their own professional and personal development strategy.
  4. Implement necessary interpersonal and transferable skills.
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