Unit 4: Research Project - RQF level 5

Credit value: 15

Goals of the Unit

To build upon the critical analysis skills that the student has, including encouraging the student to make his or her own independent enquiries. The student develops these skills by conducting a research investigation that is directly relevant to his or her programme of higher education and career development.

Considerations of the Unit

The student will learn how to use research methods and techniques in a confident manner. These include all of the aspects that combine into a formal piece of research; the proposition, the range of methodologies used, the plan of action, conducting the research and presenting the outcomes. Students must show that they understand how the theory is the cornerstone of the formal research project.

The research carried out, its context within the learning environment, its focus and projected findings will depend on the student. The unit brings a number of wide ranging areas together so that an integrated piece of research work is achieved within the student’s particular area of interest. It is advisable for any student to look for approval from his or her tutor before beginning the research.

Expected Outcomes

After completing the research project in this unit a student will:

  1. Know how to create a research project.
  2. Be capable of implementing a piece of formal research within procedural guidelines and following a specific brief.
  3. Have the ability to analyse the outcomes of his or her research.
  4. 4. Be in a position to present the research findings.
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