Unit 39: Tourist Destinations - RQF level 4

Credit value: 15

Aim of the Unit

The objective of this unit is to assist learners with gaining an understanding of UK and global destinations, in addition to the societal, cultural, and physical attributes of these locations. It also aims to assist learners with understanding any issues that may affect the popularity of these locations as tourist destinations.

Unit Considerations

Learners will be introduced to the primary UK and global tourism destinations by looking at visitor numbers and the income generated from tourism. They will review all aspects of these regions (cultural, societal and physical), as well as the trends and issues that may affect the popularity of these regions. These are essential skills that are necessary for managers working within the travel and tourism area.
By reviewing relevant data, statistics and visitor figures, learners studying this unit will become aware of any historical issues that affected the regions in the past. As a result, learners will have a new found appreciation of the impact that they can make on a tourism destination to further its popularity.

Outcomes for Learners

Once this unit has been completed successfully, learners will:

  1. Understand the scale of the primary UK and global tourism destinations.
  2. Comprehend the physical, cultural, and social aspects of tourism destinations.
  3. Recognise how the traits of a destination may affect its tourism appeal.
  4. Identify how certain issues may be more likely to affect the popularity of a tourist destination.
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