Unit 37: The Travel and Tourism Sector - RQF level 4

Credit value: 15

Unit Goals

The goal of this unit is to give learners a deeper understanding of the tourism and travel industries. It specifically looks at the impact of government decisions, the consequences of supply and demand and the overall impact that tourism can make.

Unit Considerations

Students will learn about the global environment which influences the travel and tourism sector in this unit. They will also examine how tourism has evolved historically, how the sector is structured presently, what types of external factors influence the sector and what impact tourism really has on its environment and its host communities.

This unit also includes the opportunity for students to conduct an investigation into national and international polices to look at how they can impact on the tourism area. They will also review how political change influences how the tourism sector operates.

Outcomes for Students

Students who complete this unit will:

  1. Be knowledgeable about the set-up and the history of the travel and tourism industry.
  2. Understand the impact that regional and national governments and global agencies can have on the sector.
  3. Comprehend how supply and demand influences the travel and tourism industry.
  4. Understand the overall way that tourism makes an impact.
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